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How to Create Training Videos for Employees in 8 Easy Steps



Are you looking for innovative ways to improve how you train new employees?

If you're training new employees, you probably want their training to be consistent and efficient. If you're going to capture your employee's attention, you should ensure their training is entertaining.

We know what you're thinking. Yes, it is possible to make employee training entertaining!

Making employee training videos with Animoto’s training video maker is both fun and simple! You'll be able to make engaging and informative videos that will streamline your employee onboarding processes, share important company updates, and educate your employees on all critical matters.

Read on to learn how to create workplace training videos for employees, and you'll be part human resources, part content creator in no time!

What are training videos?

Training videos are invaluable tools for educating and familiarizing employees with workplace practices and standards. They effectively communicate job expectations and company policies.

Why create training videos for employees?

Creating training videos offers numerous benefits for current and future teams:

  • Consistency: Video can ensure all employees are trained the same way with the same information. And consistency allows your employees to be on the same page, reducing mistakes and issues between employees.
  • Easy onboarding: Streamline the onboarding process by creating training videos for employees ahead of time.
  • Avoid discrepancies: Depending on your workplace, your training may include employees' important health and safety information. By preparing videos to train employees, you won't forget important details during their training.
  • Cost-effective: Put your money into automating your training with a one-time production. Instead of spending long hours training employees in person on new business practices or software updates, send them an informative and engaging video.
  • Better information retention: Visuals have been proven to help people retain information. By putting your training into a visual format, there's a greater chance your employees will remember the information.
  • Boost productivity: Avoid interrupting your employees by calling them to the conference room every time there's a new safety policy. Send them a video instead and let them watch it when it's convenient for them.

Types of employee training videos

There are many different types of employee training videos, and that's because there are so many things you need to train your employees on!

Here are a few different frequently used formats of employee training videos that could benefit your business.


Train your employees on corporate policies and standards with customer service training videos, workplace violence training videos, harassment training videos, diversity training videos, communication training videos, and management training videos.


Use training videos for employee education and engagement! Maybe they need to learn how to set up their email or submit a PTO request. You can teach anything with a training video!


If you're attempting to train employees on software or programs your business uses, try creating a screen and webcam recording. This way, you can walk through all the steps necessary and give your employees a visual of what you're teaching them. With one video, you can show and tell your audience everything they need to know.


Use training videos to show employees how to use machinery and tools around your business. You can also use tutorial videos to increase your employees' product knowledge to educate your customers better and make sales.


Workplaces can avoid lawsuits, injuries, and dangerous situations with proper employee training. Use safety training videos to ensure the health and protection of your employees.


Suppose there are presentations within your business or industry that contain information that will benefit your employees. Capture the presentation and send everyone a video of it. Send a video instead of written content, and employees are 75% more likely to watch it.

How to create training videos for employees in 8 easy steps

When making your video, you want it to be effective. Make it worth your time and your employee's time. You hope that they walk away from your training video with a solid understanding of your shared information.

Here are 8 easy steps for how to make an effective training video.


There are a few pieces of equipment that you'll need to get started. We recommend a camera, a tripod and/or lighting set, a microphone, and a great video editor like Animoto. You can use screen and webcam recordings to show and tell everything your audience needs to know. Use these four tools, and you have a recipe for success.


Figure out the objective of your video beforehand. What are you trying to teach your employees? Is this a safety video or an onboarding training video? Having a clear goal will help your production in every step you take.


Are you going to upload your video on YouTube and then send it to your employees? Will they be watching it on their smartphones? Choose your format ahead of time to optimize the recording and editing of your video.


Write a script, design a storyboard, and set up a background. Plan ahead to make sure you have every detail covered for your employee training video before you start. Being organized will help the process move along efficiently.


Set up your equipment and film your videos. Record your visuals with your camera and your audio with your microphone. If you make a mistake, keep going. You can trim and arrange your clips in the next step. Here are some tips for creating screen and webcam recordings for your staff training videos.


Get creative as you pull all your elements together. Add text, transitions, music, and more personal touches to make your training video memorable and entertaining for your employees.

Using a great video editor like Animoto is key to keeping this project easy and fun.


You can email your video to employees, post it in your communication channels, upload it to your project management program, or save it for your employee onboarding dashboard. Additionally, you can integrate the distribution tool with your project management dashboard for efficient tracking and collaboration


Get feedback from your employees to see how well your video resonated with your audience.

With the Professional Plus plan, you can use Commenting to collect and respond to feedback all within Animoto. First, you can invite multiple people to leave time-stamped comments on your video via a private feedback link. Once they create a free Animoto account, they can pause your video and leave specific feedback down the second.

This eliminates the need for constant email and slack tag or yet another Zoom meeting. When you hear the perspective of multiple employees from different teams and backgrounds, it will make it better for all future hires to come! Learn more about how you can use Commenting by reading this blog.

That's it. Eight simple steps are all it takes to create a compelling training video for your employees. You'll wonder why you didn't start creating training videos for your employees sooner.

How to create training videos with Animoto

If you're new to video editing, don't worry. Animoto is user-friendly and makes the video editing process enjoyable for all.

And if it's your first time using Animoto, we've created this guide to help you get started. You'll be editing amazing videos in no time.


Create your account with Animoto and get instant access to our template library. Our templates are completely customizable, so find one you like and add your own video clips and photos. Or, start from scratch if you're feeling creative.

Our template library already has great options for corporate videos, like this manager training template:


Take the video you recorded and upload it into Animoto's online video editor. If you want to include additional media, you can access our massive stock library from within the editor. Our stock library has various types of media, including photos, illustrations, and videos.


Training your team on a new digital product or software? Show it off with a screen recording! This shows your team exactly what they need to do to succeed.

If you aren’t presenting in person, you can still make a personal connection with webcam recordings! Create a webcam record of yourself ahead of time to add a face to your training video. It will make your video more engaging and memorable, thus helping to boost retention and completion rates.

Learn how to start your recordings and add them to your Animoto videos on this blog.


If you didn’t record yourself speaking in your video, you can also add a voice-over within Animoto. Check out our complete guide to using voice-over and learn different ways you can record, upload, and add your voice-over to your video.


This is the fun part. Apply text and video styles as a way to add animation and excitement to your training video.

Our video maker has a huge selection of licensed music tracks, so you don't have to worry about finding copyright-free music. Sort by mood, genre, or add your own music to your video. Professional users can even add multiple songs to capture new moods and re-engage their audience throughout their video.


Export and download your video. Then distribute it to your employees and get them trained! And don't forget to get feedback so each time you edit a training video, they get better and better.

Your employees will thank you for making entertaining and informative training videos.

7 tips for making effective training videos for employees

  • 1. Connect with your audience: Make your video engaging. You can do this by posing questions for your viewers to answer or by being relatable and addressing them throughout your video. You can even use webcam recordings to build personal connections with your audience along the way.

  • 2. Don't overshare: Create your video to include only the core information. Be concise and don't overload your employees with information. They'll appreciate it, and it will also make your production process easier.

  • 3. Keep the focus on information: Don't distract your viewers from what's important, which is the information you're trying to teach them. Keep the visuals clean and appealing, so viewers stay focused on their training.

  • 4. Add text: Using text within your video will help you be clear and relay information effectively. Adding subtitles is an excellent idea if your employees want to watch instead of listening. Check out our 8 tips for adding text to your videos.

  • 5. Add educational elements: Add other educational elements to keep your employees engaged. For example, you can have your employees complete a worksheet upon finishing the training videos.

  • 6. Make it fun: If you want your employees to retain information from your training videos, you'll need to keep them entertained. Add jokes, music, graphics, and other creative elements to keep your employees entertained.

  • 7. Be consistent: If you're creating multiple training videos for your employees, keep them consistent. With Animoto, you can duplicate and edit existing videos to ensure consistency.

Create an employee training video with Animoto

Ready to try training your employees with videos? Videos are a great way to provide your employees with important information that relates to your business.

Create a training video for your employees the easy way with Animoto.