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Behind the Scenes Video Tips and Templates

Megan O'Neill


Behind the scenes videos are a great way to connect with your customers and potential customers. They give you an opportunity to share your values and showcase what makes your brand different. Plus, they let your fans get to know the faces behind your brand.


In this post, we’ll be sharing some behind the scenes templates that you can easily customize to promote your brand. We’ll share templates that you can use on social media or your website, as well as templates for Instagram Stories. Plus, we’ll share some tips for creating effective behind the scenes videos.

Behind the scenes video templates

We’ll start by sharing our templates for behind the scenes videos. To take them for a spin, sign up for a free Animoto account. These templates are completely customizable. Drag and drop to add your own photos and video clips, update the text, change the colors, font, and more.

Show what it’s like to work with you

Going behind the scenes is a fun way to show potential clients and customers just what the experience of working with you is like. Our Behind the Scenes template is designed to help you create a video that does just that.

To make it your own, update the text and add your own video footage and photos, showcasing the experience of working with you.

Explain how a product is made

Our Making of a Product template is all about showcasing what makes your brand unique. Showing how your product is made can set you apart and give buyers a reason to choose you over similar businesses. The template example features Reuben Reuel, founder and creative director of Demestik.

A video like this gives you the opportunity not only to showcase your product, but also to share your personality and values.

Give insight into your process

Share a case study of a project your worked on with a client or customers to show off your process and the hard work you put in. Our How We Planned This Party template is a process-oriented template that lets you show potential customers what they can expect when they work with you.

Take viewers on a virtual tour

Show off your space with our Behind-the-Scenes Tour template. Especially if you meet with your clients in person, a video like this can help people get familiar with what they can expect—even before their first appointment with you.

Go behind the scenes on Instagram Stories

Is your business on Instagram Stories? Your Story is also a great place to show off your space and take viewers behind the scenes to get to know you. Our iOS app, Animoto: Social Video Editor, has a Behind the Scenes template to help you get started.


Behind the scenes video tips

Now that you’re familiar with our behind-the-scenes templates, we’ll share some tips to help you make the most of them. Remember, going behind the scenes is a great way to showcase what makes your products or services unique and special. These tips will help you make a video that shows off why people should choose you over the competition.

Let your personality and passion shine through!

As a small business owner, you have the advantage of showcasing yourself to bring authenticity to your business. By bringing viewers into your space and sharing your personal values, you can stand out from big businesses that do things in a more impersonal way. Be yourself and people will identify with you as an individual they’d like to do business with.

Telling people why you got into your business and why it excites you is a wonderful way to illustrate just how passionate you are about what you do. If you tell people why you care about something, it’s likely that they’ll care about it too.

Use the sounds of your space

Bring in the sounds of your space to add authenticity for your video. You can see (and hear) this in action in the Making of a Product template we featured above. You can hear the sounds of the sewing machine and scissors and Reuben cuts out patterns.

To achieve this effect in Animoto, simply leave the audio in your video clips, rather than muting them. The sound will be mixed with the background music.

Get creative with showcasing your products

The Making of a Product template also shows how you can get creative with how you showcase your products within your space. The template uses a Photo Burst block to quickly burst through a collection of Reuben’s designs on a mannequin.


To learn more about how to do this yourself, check out our complete guide to Photo Burst.

Have a prepared set of questions

If you’ll be speaking on camera, having a prepared set of questions can help make the experience more comfortable. Have a friend or co-worker sit behind the camera so you can talk to them, rather than sitting in a room by yourself. This can help you feel more natural.

Need some ideas? Here are some questions that might work well for your business:

  • Tell us a little bit about who you are.
  • How did you become interested in your discipline or industry?
  • What is the origin story behind your company?
  • What’s new for this season?
  • What do you hope your customers will feel when using your products?
  • Walk us through your overall process.

While your friend or coworker is there, give them a tour through your space. Don’t clean up beforehand—showing your space just how it is when you’re working will feel the most authentic.

PRO TIP: Address the camera directly. It’ll help viewers feel like they’re having a conversation with you.

Include a call to action

You’ve done a great job of showing potential customers how great you are. Now, let people know where to find you or how to work with you! Don’t forget to include a strong call to action at the end of your video letting viewers know what to do next.

Once you’ve created your behind-the-scenes video, we’d love to see it! Head over to our Facebook group, the Animoto Social Video Marketing Community to share it with us. You’ll also find helpful tips, feedback on your videos, and inspiration from other Animoto video marketers!