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Instagram Story Templates for Business and for Fun

Megan O'Neill


Instagram Story templates are an easy way to create IG Stories that stand out from the crowd. In this article, we’ll show you how to use the Instagram Story templates in the Animoto: Social Video Editor iOS app.

The app contains a variety of templates that make it easy to create videos for your Instagram Stories. Read on to learn about the types of templates the app offers, both for business and for fun. We’ll also show you how easy it is to customize a template to fit your unique personality or brand.

Instagram Story Templates for Business

Looking for Instagram Story templates for your business or brand? We’ve got you covered with templates for a variety of different business-oriented Stories uses. Here are just a few examples. Download our iOS app for free to see these templates in their entirety and check out the full collection.

Behind the Scenes

Give customers a glimpse behind the scenes of your business. Share your mission and what makes your brand unique with the Behind the Scenes Instagram Story template.


Product Launch

Showcase a specific product with the Product Launch template for Instagram Stories. Found in the app, this template can be easily updated with a couple of your own product shots and text that explains what makes the product special and where viewers can find it.


Customer Call Out

Show your customers some love! This template is designed for highlighting your fans and how they’re using your product. Customize the template with your own customer photos, plus text about your business and your Instagram Story is ready to share!


Sneak Peek

The Sneak Peek template is designed to help you use Stories to get your customers excited about something that’s coming soon. The example shows how a photographer can tease an upcoming album, but you can use it to feature a new product, new service, or anything!


Fun Instagram Story Templates

We’ve also got a bunch of templates that can be used just for fun! As a business, you may choose to use these templates as a fun way to engage with your audience. But you could also use them to create IG Story content to share with friends and family.

Happy Birthday!

Know someone with a birthday coming up? Step up your birthday card game with a thoughtful video for Instagram Stories. The Happy Birthday template with photos and text about your own friend or family member.