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Maximize Efficiency: A Guide to Asynchronous Video Success

Eliza Talvola


How to Embrace Asynchronous Video for a More Productive Workplace (With Examples!)

Remember Zoom fatigue? The endless meetings that could have been emails? Days swallowed by misleading back-and-forth Slack threads? Those were the days before asynchronous video revolutionized the workforce.

The pandemic's "Zoom boom" forced us to rethink how we communicate. Now, asynchronous videos – polished messages you record and share on your own terms – are the standard. Our annual video trends report revealed just how popular asynchronous video is in the workplace. In 2023, businesses created just as many training videos as they did advertising videos! And with a quick and easy video maker, you too can show and tell your audience everything you need them to know and cut out the cluttered communications.

In this blog, we’ll show you how to turn team updates into quick and engaging presentation videos, how to create easy-to-follow tutorials, and cut unnecessary meetings from your calendar with video.

What is asynchronous video and how is it different from synchronous communication?

Asynchronous videos are recorded video content you share with others who can watch it whenever and wherever they please. Think of it as the opposite of your weekly Zoom call (AKA synchronous video) that could’ve been an email – just record, send, and skip the meeting.

Other asynchronous forms of communication like Slacks and emails offer the same benefits as async videos – you can create, read, and reply at your own time – but videos make your communications richer. With a combination of engaging visuals, music, and screen and webcam recordings, you can say a lot more in a lot less time. From trainings to updates, async video can make your entire workplace more productive and efficient.

__Here’s how asynchronous video communications make for a more efficient workforce: __

  • No scheduling nightmares: Need to connect teams across different offices and time zones? Now you don’t need to wrestle with their already crowded calendars. Just record your video when it suits you, and your recipient can watch it on their own schedule.
  • Fewer meetings, less burnout: Employees spend 31 hours each month in unproductive meetings. Now you can turn “yet another meeting” into a quick, concise, and pressure-free async video.
  • Endless replays: Async videos can be watched as many times as it takes to retain your message. That means you don’t have to shy away from complicated topics.
  • Better knowledge sharing: Don’t let your employees’ knowledge get lost to restructures, retirements, or time. With video, you can transform knowledge into bite-sized, engaging videos that can be stored and shared endlessly.
  • More engaging and personable: Async videos put a face and voice to your message, making it more personal, engaging, and efficient than typed messages ever could.
  • Show, don't just tell: Asynchronous video lets you incorporate screen recordings, presentations, webcam recordings, video clips, graphs, and more to illustrate your ideas clearly.
  • Stay on track: Don’t let an awkward pause, interruption, or side-conversation run your meeting off the rails. Now you can record and edit your message carefully and deliver an engaging video that says everything they need to know.

Real examples: Asynchronous video streamlines product launches at Aircall

Aircall, a communication platform for growing businesses, faced the challenge of training teams across 8 offices and 5 timezones for their new Conversation Center launch. Traditional methods like documents or meetings were inefficient. Solution? Asynchronous video with Animoto. Sr. Product Marketing Manager Cyndi Knapic found that she could create polished training videos in under an hour, replacing countless meetings and ensuring everyone was on the same page. That’s a major win for efficiency and product adoption.

Asynchronous videos for your business: Ideas and free templates

Providing customer service and support

As Sam Walton, founder of Walmart and Sam's Club, once said “If you don't serve your customer to the best of your ability, you're going out of business. That's as simple as that." But today, providing a consistent and efficient customer service experience to a global network of customers is challenging to say the least.

Forget endless phone hold music and frustrating email loops! With asynchronous videos, you can create personalized explainer videos showcasing product features, troubleshooting common issues, or offering detailed walkthroughs. Customers can access these bite-sized resources on their own time and get instant help from your team, empowering them to find solutions quickly and independently. Plus, video fosters a genuine connection, building trust and satisfaction between your customer service team and valued customers.

Conducting internal training and development programs

Asynchronous video injects dynamism and flexibility into internal trainings that could otherwise be a huge pain. Video modules break down complex topics into digestible chunks, featuring expert instructors, screen recordings, and interactive elements. Plus, asynchronous video empowers knowledge sharing among teams and geographies, fostering a culture of continuous learning and development. Learners can access these modules on-demand, allowing them to revisit key concepts and progress at their own pace. No more struggling to catch up in live sessions!

Sharing updates and announcements

Important announcements can easily get buried in inboxes, but asynchronous video breathes life into internal communications! Imagine sharing product updates with engaging demos, CEO announcements delivered with a personal touch, and department news presented in a vibrant and informative way.

Employees can catch up on these videos at their convenience, ensuring everyone is on the same page without sacrificing valuable time. Additionally, video fosters transparency and connection, allowing leaders to directly address the team and showcase company culture

Collaborating on projects and brainstorming ideas

Text can only get you so far, especially when you’re explaining something visual. With async video, you can create videos to share project updates, showcase design mockups, or present ideas. Your team members can contribute on their own schedules, asynchronously adding their voice and creativity to the mix.

Additionally, video allows for detailed explanations, visual demonstrations, and even whiteboard recordings, fostering clearer communication and eliminating misunderstandings. This form of communication encourages team members of all personality types ot contribute in a meaningful and approachable way.

Strengthening company culture

Asynchronous video isn't just about efficiency, it's about building a vibrant and connected company culture. These videos go beyond text and emails, adding a human touch that builds relationships and boosts team spirit. You can use video from day one to welcome new hires to the team, showcase individual achievements, and recap team events.

Quick checklist for easy asynchronous video recording

Creating async videos doesn’t have to be much more work than a meeting or an email. With a user-friendly video tool, you can drag and drop your way to a professional video and avoid the convoluted email chain. Animoto’s where it’s at!

From scripting tips to branding strategies, visual enhancements, and distribution methods, this checklist equips you with all the tips you need to transform your message into a compelling video. When you’re ready to start creating, just click the button below.

  • ✔️Write a script (Get some free scripting tips here)
  • ✔️Keep it short
  • ✔️Add your brand colors, font, and logo
  • ✔️Use webcam recordings for a more personal connection (Learn the tricks to being comfortable on camera here)
  • ✔️Use a variety of images and screen recordings to capture and hold attention
  • ✔️Add music to drive your video
  • ✔️Download and share your video it on multiple channels and/or store it in a central shared drive for easy access

Get the async advantage! Create asynchronous videos with Animoto

Remember, asynchronous video isn't just a trend, it's a transformative shift in communication. By embracing this powerful tool, you can unlock a world of benefits: increased efficiency, improved knowledge sharing, boosted engagement, and a more powerful company culture.

Ready to experience the async advantage firsthand? Create stunning asynchronous videos with Animoto! Our user-friendly platform empowers you to craft impactful messages, add captivating visuals, and share your videos effortlessly. Sign up for free today and unleash the power of asynchronous communication in your business.