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A Guide To Investor Pitch Decks For Startups


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Gone are the days where startups would photocopy their business plans to create a handout for potential investors.

Nowadays, it's all about having an impressive and attractive pitch deck to wow them. Having an excellent investor pitch deck is essential when presenting your business to stakeholders.

So let's dive into pitch decks, the do’s and don'ts, best tips, and how to make an awesome pitch deck video with the Animoto online video editor.

What is an investor pitch deck?

An investor pitch deck is a presentation used to educate investors on your business plan.

They're a visual and informative demonstration meant to detail all aspects of your business. Pitch decks are great to use at any stage of your business, but they are incredibly vital for startups.

Why an investor pitch deck is vital for startups

Raising capital is arguably the most important step to getting your business off the ground for startups.

And raising capital is not an easy task. Convincing stakeholders that your business is worth investing in requires planning, persuasion, and presentation.

Here are 5 reasons why startups need an excellent investor pitch deck.

1. To prove themselves

An investor pitch deck is an opportunity to show everything you've got. Lay your cards on the table and convince potential investors that your business has what it takes to succeed. Prove that your startup is viable.

2. To stand out

There are Over 300 million startups created every year. If you're trying to raise capital, you'll need to stand out when pitching to investors. Your startup pitch deck should allow you to be noticeable to investors who receive hundreds, or thousands, of pitches.

3. To spark interest

Your pitch deck should get people excited about your startup. And using video to create your pitch deck will help.

Video naturally engages audiences better than other mediums. Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text.

So forget about relying only on PowerPoint.

4. To invite discussion

Your audience will undoubtedly ask questions after seeing your pitch deck. And inviting a discussion is a good thing. It allows you to sell your startup further.

Communication is another reason why a video is a great option for your pitch deck. Video content creates a communication channel between audience and creator. Use this to your advantage and intrigue potential investors.

5. To secure funding

Above all, your pitch deck is essential to secure funding which will help get your startup off the ground. Using a pitch deck video to prove the value of your business is a great idea because video can be persuasive.

That's why 85% of businesses use video marketing in their marketing strategy.

What should an investor pitch deck include?

You'll need at least these 12 specific elements to create a smooth and informative pitch deck.

  • 1. Introduction: Introduce yourself and your business. Tell your story and show where you’re coming from.
  • 2. Team: Introduce your team members and key players. Clarify their roles and highlight their strengths.
  • 3. Problem: Inform your audience of the problem you're trying to solve. The problem is the why behind your business.
  • 4. Advantages: Tell investors what advantages your business has or why you're unique in addressing this problem.
  • 5. Solution: Describe how your business will solve or address the problem you previously mentioned.
  • 6. Product: Time for show and tell! Share your product or service and why it's great.
  • 7. Traction: Share your startup's successes so far and why you think your business will succeed.
  • 8. Market: Explain the market you're entering and competing in, and show you've done your research.
  • 9. Competition: Detail your competition, whether they're direct or indirect. It would help if you showed that you know what you're up against.
  • 10. Business model: How will your business make money? Give the top to bottom rundown here.
  • 11. Investing: Share your budget and how much capital you need. Be transparent with your finances but don't give an overload of information.
  • 12. Contact: End your pitch deck with your contact information. Your potential investors will need a way to get in contact with you to ask questions or complete their investment.

Investor pitch deck do’s and don'ts

When making your investor pitch deck, there are some best practices to keep in mind. We've made a list of do’s and don’ts so that you can make a successful pitch deck.

Do come prepared

You should know your metrics like the back of your hand. Make sure you can convince investors there's a significant market opportunity. Prove that your business is more than just an idea. Show you've put in effort and research to get it started.

Do make a good first impression

Wow your potential investors early in your presentation. Treat your pitch like a story you're telling. Show passion and make your business memorable. A pitch deck video is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Do make it visually appealing

You may think the information in your pitch deck is more important than its appearance, but both are important. Make sure to use consistent branding throughout your pitch deck. Use visually exciting infographics and images.

Need ideas? Introduce yourself with our Self Introduction template.

Don't make it too long

You don't need to cover everything about your business. You can provide your audience with in-depth documents after your presentation.

Don't make it too wordy

You want your pitch deck to be exciting and intriguing, and walls of text aren't going to accomplish that. Make sure that the words you include are meaningful, and be mindful of the language you use. With a pitch deck video, you can convey your message with more than just words.

Don't forget about your product

Your products or services are what your business is all about. Make sure to place importance on them.

Including a video demo of your product or service in your pitch deck is a great way to show investors what you're going to be selling. Use a video template like this to show your product or service in action.

5 tips for creating a winning investor pitch deck

We've covered why a pitch deck is vital for your startup and the do’s and don'ts of creating your pitch deck. Now, we're going to give you 5 tips for creating a winning investor pitch deck.

1. Let your pitch deck do the work

If you ever send your pitch deck to potential investors without doing a presentation, you'll need your pitch deck to have enough information and power to persuade on its own.

This is why creating a pitch deck video is a great idea. A video stands a better chance at replacing a live presentation.

2. Keep it short and simple

We mentioned this before, but it's a top tip. An overload of information and a lengthy pitch deck video is going to bore your audiences.

Don't make your pitch deck too complex. Focus on only the most relevant and important information.

3. Balance creativity with facts

If you're an entrepreneur, chances are you're both creative and analytical. So show your skills!

Make sure your pitch deck reflects creativity and data. You want to share your ideas and passions, but you also want to back them up with facts.

4. Practice ahead of time

You know what they say–practice makes perfect. You want to be totally prepared for the pitch when you're dealing with investors.

Your presentation stands a better chance of succeeding if you create a great pitch deck video in advance. And don't forget to practice how you'll deliver your information and your passion.

5. Tell a story

If you use storytelling to get your investors' attention, your pitch deck will become more engaging and, therefore, more memorable.

You want your investors to be intrigued and entertained so that you can make a winning impression. With a pitch deck video, you can incorporate inspiring video clips and moving background music to enhance your storytelling.

How to create an investor pitch deck video with Animoto

You don't need to be a seasoned video editor to create a great investor pitch deck video with Animoto.

Animoto is so easy to use. You'll be impressed by the fantastic videos you can create. Here’s how to make an Animoto video in 4 easy steps:

1. Pick a template

Animoto has a massive template library. Just pick a template that catches your eye, and you're ready to go. You can also start with a blank canvas if you like a challenge. Use this template to describe your company values to your audience.

2. Upload your content

Our video editor allows you to simply place your content by dragging and dropping it from your computer into our online editor.

And if you need stock content, you're in luck. You can browse our stock media library from within the editor. No scouring the internet for pictures and videos.

3. Customize your pitch deck

Now, get to work making your pitch deck. Make sure it's visually appealing and informative. You can add creative text styles, video styles, and music with our design settings.

To make sure your pitch deck video is consistent with your branding, you can create and apply a Saved Brand. Saved Brands allow users on a Professional or Professional Plus plan to quickly apply their logo, font, and brand colors to any video.

4. Add screen and webcam recordings

Have a digital product or software? Show it off with a screen recording! This acts as a min-demo and shows the value of your product in action.

If you aren’t presenting in person, you can still make a personal connection with webcam recordings! Create a webcam record of yourself ahead of time to add a face to your pitch deck. This adds more credibility to you as a salesperson and to your brand.

Learn how to start your recordings and add them to your Animoto videos on this blog.

5. Export and download

Once you've made a winning pitch deck video, export and download it, and it's finished! It's really that simple.

Now it's time to practice your pitch and get ready to impress your future investors.

Check out our pitch deck templates

We put in the work creating pitch deck templates to focus on your business and your presentation. Take a look at our product promotion templates or service promotion templates to create incredible videos that highlight your business's main offerings.

An effective investor pitch deck video example

Take a look at this example of a great investor pitch using video to help secure funding.

The Brightwheel founder uses video to introduce their product and highlight its benefits. The video is entertaining and easy to follow, and provides the necessary information. It's not lengthy or dull, and it has the Shark Tank investors intrigued.

This is a great example of an investor pitch deck video. And we know it was effective because Brightwheel secured $600,000 in funding!

Ready to pitch?

Now you know all about pitch decks and how to create a pitch deck video with Animoto. Create your pitch deck video with Animoto now and share your passions with investors.