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How One Salon Owner Got Creative Through a Crisis


“We’ve done our part by closing the doors. But life does continue,” says Karaine Smith-Holness, owner of Hair’s Kay Beauty Salon.

In the face of some unimaginable challenges, we’ve heard stories of small businesses being resilient and resourceful through the crisis. Karaine’s is one such story. In the interview below, Karaine explains how she uses video to continue serving her clients virtually until they’re ready to return.

How do you use video to market your business?

Video has now played a great part in the way in which we communicate. And it has allowed me to be able to connect with my clients—to check in, offer support, give helpful tips. And just let them know that I’m there.

How has this challenging time affected your business?

In response to COVID-19, we’ve done our part by closing the doors. But life does continue.

How has COVID-19 changed the type of videos you’re creating?

So, COVID-19 has now made me do more DIY videos—how to help my clients while they’re still practicing social distancing. I would say that’s the only difference. I’m doing a lot more how-tos.

What inspired you to create this video?

So, the video you’re about to see was done for my clients—with all that I had in me at the time, cause I too was trying to understand what was happening. So it was just my way of saying, I’m here. This is how I can support you. I’m a phone call away. I am—you know, I’m just here. And we’re gonna get through this, and we’re gonna to be okay. You know, we’re going to be okay.

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