Video Marketing

Getting Started with LinkedIn Video Ads

Megan O'Neill


As of July 2018, businesses can run native video ads on LinkedIn. This is great news, considering that video gets shared more than 20X more than other types of content on LinkedIn. Plus, according to LinkedIn data, video campaigns are generating view rates close to 50%.

LinkedIn Video Ads Guide

We’ve put together a guide with everything you need to get started with video ads on LinkedIn.

In this guide, we’ll cover:

  • Why you should advertise with video on LinkedIn
  • How to set up a LinkedIn video ad
  • LinkedIn video ad specs
  • LinkedIn video ads best practices

But before you can set up your video ad, you’ll need a video. Learn more about how to make a video for LinkedIn and then read on to get it set up as an ad.

Why advertise with video on LinkedIn?

You heard it at the beginning of this post: Video gets shared more than 20X more than other types of content on LinkedIn and video campaigns are generating view rates close to 50%.

Aside from these impressive stats, LinkedIn offers an interesting opportunity for video advertisers, thanks to the fact that it’s solely focused on business professionals. When people visit LinkedIn, their mind is set on business. And with video ads, you can reach them while they’re in the zone to build brand awareness, establish yourself as a thought leader, drive leads, and more.

How to set up a LinkedIn video ad

Ready to get started? Let’s dive in! We’ll be showing you how to set up ads with LinkedIn’s new Objective-Based campaign experience.

Step 1: Set up your ad account

First things first, you’ll need to make sure you’re set up with the appropriate permissions and that all your billing information is correct. You’ll need to have a company page associated with your account in order to run an ad.

Step 2: Create your campaign

Once that’s set, head over to the LinkedIn Campaign Manager to set up your ad. Click the Create Campaign button to get started.

Create LinkedIn Video Ad

Step 3: Set up your campaign details

Once you’ve created your campaign it’s time to set up your ad. You’ll be taken through all of the details, step by step.


Are you trying to drive website visits? Get more people to engage with you and follow your page? Get your video in front of more people? Capture leads? Click on the option that matches your objective.

LinkedIn Video Ad Objective


Next, it’s time to pick your audience. You can target based on a variety of factors, including language, location, education, job experience, company, and interests. Depending on what criteria you select, LinkedIn may also make relevant suggestions to help you broaden your audience.

Note that your total audience size must be at least 300 people. If your audience is too narrow, you’ll see a red notification in the “Forecasted Results” box on the right. As your audience grows, this box will show you the target audience size, as well as the results you can expect.

LinkedIn Video Ad Audience

Ad format

Now it’s time for the fun stuff—choosing your ad format. We’ll be going with a video ad, of course!

You can run a variety of ad types, including single image ads, carousel image ads, video ads, message ads, follower ads, spotlight ads, and job ads. Depending on which objective you  selected above, you may only see some of these ad types, but video is an option for all objectives.

LinkedIn Ad Formats

Budget & Schedule

The next step is to set your budget and schedule. You can set a daily budget, in which you allot a certain dollar amount to each day in your selected date range, or a total budget, in which you set a specific dollar amount for your entire campaign. set your date range, bid type. When you’re done, click the Save and next button to set up your ad.

LinkedIn Ads Budget

Step 4: Create your ad

Once you’ve clicked Save and next, it’s time to add a video ad to your campaign.

Create LinkedIn Ad

Click “Create a new ad” to upload your video and create your ad. Include introduction text with more information about your video, upload the file (video ad specs are in the next section), and include a destination URL and call-to-action. When you’re done, simply click Create!

Upload Video Ad LinkedIn

LinkedIn video ad specs

When creating a video to run as a LinkedIn video ad, you’ll want to keep LinkedIn’s video ad specs in mind, to make sure your video is the correct format for running as an ad. You can view the full advertising specifications for video ads on LinkedIn’s website. Here are some general pointers to keep in mind:

  • Length: Videos must be between 3 seconds and 30 minutes.
  • Aspect ratio: LinkedIn supports horizontal and and square videos with the aspect ratios 4:3, 16:9, and 1:1.
  • File format: MP4 with AAC or MPEG4 audio

LinkedIn video ads best practices

Now that you know how to set up your LinkedIn video ad, we thought we’d share some best practices with you. We’ve compiled a separate blog post with LinkedIn best practices for video, but here are a few highlights:

  • Keep it short. The most successful LinkedIn video ads are less than 15 seconds.
  • Go native! We’ve been talking about this for this whole article, but upload a video instead of sharing a link and you’ll get farther reach.
  • Plan for sound off. 80% of viewers are watching with the sound off, so use text and imagery that helps get your point across in silence.
  • Target your message. We’ve shown you how to target a specific audience. When you create your video, make sure to target your message to that audience.
  • Give clear next steps. What do you want viewers to do next? Provide a clear call to action (CTA) so they know what action to take.

Looking for a little more inspiration? We’ve put together a list of 8 LinkedIn video ideas, plus templates to make it easy to get started. Already have an idea? Dive right into making your first video! Let us know how it goes in the comments below.