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Highlight how your latest product or service solves a problem or provides a benefit for your customers. Co-designed with LinkedIn.

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Share an upcoming webinar in a way that lets attendees know where, when, and why to tune in. Co-designed with LinkedIn.

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Industry insights

Educate customers and show your expertise with a quick video that'll drive web or blog traffic. Co-designed with LinkedIn.

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Creating video for LinkedIn

  1. Video length specsLinkedIn videos can be up to 10 minutes long, but audiences are more likely to watch shorter videos from start to finish. Best practice is to keep them under five minutes.
  2. LinkedIn video formatsYour LinkedIn feed supports many video format types, including the MP4 videos you can create and download right from Animoto.
  3. Max file size of 5GBUnless your videos are hours in length, they should land well below LinkedIn’s 5GB maximum, especially if you’re uploading MP4 files.

Best practices for LinkedIn video ads

  1. Landscape videosLinkedIn video ads can be uploaded as MP4 files in landscape format. Even if you choose a square template, Animoto lets you adjust your video’s aspect ratio in just a couple clicks.
  2. Length under 30 minutesAlthough your ads can be between 3 seconds and 30 minutes long, the best-performing LinkedIn ads tend to be under 30 seconds. One internal study found that LinkedIn videos under 30 seconds have a 200% increase in view completion when compared to longer videos.
  3. Selecting your objectiveLike other social platforms, LinkedIn lets you choose a main objective for every ad campaign. Video ads can be used in three ways: to increase website visits, get video views, or collect leads.

Optimizing your videos for LinkedIn

  1. Use bold, colorful textSince many viewers are consuming your videos with the sound off, text is especially important. Try some of Animoto’s dynamic animated text styles, combined with bright colors and on-brand fonts to make your videos stand out.
  2. Plan for mobile viewingUnless you’re making a video ad, create a square video that’ll look better on smartphone screens and appear larger to mobile users than a horizontal video.
  3. Make the first few seconds countAudiences move on quickly with so much to see in their LinkedIn feed. Keep viewers watching with a beginning featuring an attention-getting video clip or provocative question.

Case study

Learn how Lever used video on LinkedIn to recruit top candidates

Lever, a recruiting software company, wanted to boost their brand’s visibility and attract top talent. The company decided to create a LinkedIn video highlighting their company culture, and turned to Animoto to create it. Lever put together a low-budget LinkedIn ad campaign, targeting prospective employees with LinkedIn’s Matched Audiences feature. Their video quickly clocked in 5,604 views and doubled their previous click-through rate, giving Lever a simple, effective way to expand their pool of potential job candidates.




click-through rate

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How to make a LinkedIn video in minutes

  1. Select a LinkedIn video template or start from scratch
  2. Upload your photos and video clips or choose from our library of Getty Images stock
  3. Personalize by changing colors, music, and text and adding your logo watermark
  4. Produce and share your video on LinkedIn
How to make a LinkedIn video in 4 steps

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