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Facebook Video Ads: 5 Best Conversion-Driving Tips


facebook video ads

There's no question about it. When it comes to ads, videos convert!

Facebook users have proven that they love their video content. Whether it's an in-feed ad, Facebook Marketplace video ad, or even a quick stories ad, they love it all. This blog looks at Facebook video ads, tips on making the best Facebook video ads, and how Animoto's online video editor can help.

What are Facebook video ads?

Facebook advertising has become one of the best ways for a business to reach its target audience. As you might have guessed, Facebook video ads are a form of paid advertisements displayed on Facebook in a video format.

The numbers don't lie–84% of video marketers are using Facebook as one of their main video marketing channels.

Marketers can create Facebook ads from scratch or reuse a posted video and convert it into an ad. Many companies have found that video advertising gets more engagement, clicks, and increased conversions.

The freedom of video advertisements lets brands connect with their audience and be more effective in their video marketing strategies.

How Facebook video ads can help you reach your marketing goals

Facebook users love video

It's no secret that video content is more engaging compared to other digital formats. 83% of consumers said they’re likely to check out the social media page of a brand or product they’re interested in. Creating video ads is a great way to make content that users crave.

Video is more engaging

Facebook users spend more time engaging and watching videos than any other platform. Video ads were the #1 way consumers discovered a brand they later purchased from.

Facebook video ads convert

The good news for marketers is that video ads don't just attract customers but they also convert. For many consumers looking for a new product, video ads on Facebook help sell products.

69% of marketers say video ads outperform image and plain text ads on Facebook. Facebook video ads are not just a helpful tool but a secret weapon for increasing your conversions.

Types of Facebook video ads

In-feed video ads

In-feed video ads look just like an organic post, showing up as users scroll through their news feed. The more natural the in-feed video ad looks, the more likely the target audience will watch video content.

In-stream video ads

In-stream video ads are like super short commercials. These video ads are placed in the middle or throughout a video. In-stream video ads help to drive ad recall, brand awareness, and intent lift.

Facebook Marketplace video ads

Facebook Marketplace video ads appear mixed with organic stories feed, usually full-screen as a vertical advertisement. As users scroll in Facebook Marketplace, marketers can use video ads to reach a warm audience already interested in buying products.

Facebook Stories ads

Facebook Stories are short user-generated videos which are viewable for up to 24 hours until disappearing. Facebook Stories ads are shown between organic stories, 15 seconds or longer, covering the entire screen. A viewer has the option to keep watching after three cards or go back to their organic feed.

This Product Intro Ad template is a great way to stand out on Facebook Stories.

Tip: Consider Facebook ad placement

Facebook ad placement is where the ads are “placed” depending on your campaign's objectives and target audience. Facebook Ad Manager will group all ad placements based on how users experience the ad and will position them where they'll be the most receptive.

5 tips for Facebook video ads that attract, engage, and convert

1. Create attention grabbers

First impressions are what count and Facebook video ads are no different. The first three seconds of a video ad delivers 47% of your brand's value.

By making your brand more visible from the start, users will remember you and they will be more likely to convert. It's vital to be clear with your messaging, and the first few seconds will set the tone.

2. Include subtitles

Always keep in mind where users will be when watching your videos. They might not have headphones but still want to watch videos, just without the sound. 85% of all video content uploaded to Facebook is watched without sound.

Animoto allows you to add text to your video ads so viewers can follow along, even when their sound is turned off.

3. Ensure ads are mobile friendly

Most of us can't live without our mobile devices. So much so, users are about 1.5 times more likely to watch videos on their smartphone than on their computer. Make sure your video ads are mobile-friendly.

4. Don’t forget about retargeting

Retargeting is one of your best tools when it comes to video ads. Retargeting ads are shown to someone who has already taken a valuable action, like visiting your website or seeing another ad. Users who have already watched your video ads before are about ten times more likely to click on future ads.

By retargeting video ads to someone who has already visited your website or seen other ads, it's more likely they'll convert. Facebook Custom Audience helps retarget ads to people who have already engaged with your content.

5. Add video poll ads to boost engagement

Just like on Instagram, Facebook now offers polling stickers for video ads. These polling stickers help drive engagement with your audience by getting them involved. You ask the questions; they give you the answers.

How to make Facebook video ads with Animoto

Pick your Facebook video ad template

Animoto's wide selection of video ad templates will give you some inspiration as you begin using the video editor. Animoto has templates for in-feed ads, promo video ads, or possibly a video stories ad. Whatever you need, we've got you covered.

Don't know where to start? Tell your audience what makes your business stand out by describing your company values.

Add your Facebook video ad clips

Start by uploading your video clips and photos that you'll use in your Facebook ad. If you’re looking for more media, head over to our stock media library for millions of photos, video clips, and graphics from Getty Images. Finally, drag and drop your media into the project.

Customize your Facebook video ad

Add text and video styles to create an engaging video ad that showcases your brand. Add tracks from our music library to elevate your teaser video.

Take your video a step further by creating a Saved Brand if you’re on a Professional or Professional Plus plan. By using your own fonts, colors, and logos, your video ad will be instantly recognizable.

4. Preview and export your Facebook video ad

Now click the play button in the bottom left-hand corner to preview your Facebook Ad video. If you're all set, export the finished video ad. Now feel free to post your video to Facebook right from Animoto or download the video to share.

A successful Facebook video ad example

AppSumo's daily deal website is for entrepreneurs. This Facebook video ad example was a head-turner, using different graphics and captivating imagery. AppSumo's use of numbers made the ad much more compelling, and a business owner will be left wanting to know more.

The question asked, “are you looking to skyrocket your business?” is bound to leave many users hungry for more. Ask questions that resonate with business owners to attract their attention and stand out among your competition.

Facebook's requirements for video ads

  1. File Type: Facebook suggests using files formatted as MP4, MOV, or GIF.
  2. Ratio: For mobile, video ratios can be 1:1 or 4:5. For desktop, Facebook recommends a ratio of 1:1. With Animoto, you can adjust the ratio of your video to either horizontal, vertical, or square.
  3. Length: Video lengths can range from 1 second to 241 minutes, and this varies depending on the ad placement.
  4. File size: Files shouldn't be larger than 4 GB.
  5. Resolution: The minimum resolution is 1080 x 1080.

Facebook advises double-checking all requirements before posting your ad. Otherwise, your ad might look off or be unapproved. For more information on ad recommendations by Facebook, click here.

Professional Facebook video ads made easy

Check out how Animoto's online video maker can help you craft some high-quality Facebook video ads in only minutes. Get started today!