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Modern Recruiting: Use Video to Attract Top Talent

Eliza Talvola


Are you using video to make the most of your recruiting strategy? If not, you might be falling behind.

Video is the future of recruiting. It is a powerful yet simple tool recruiters can use to save time and money, attract high-quality talent, and build a strong employer brand.


According to Monster, one of the top online employment and recruiting resources, 80% of Americans agree that videos would help them understand a job opportunity better than a simple text-based listing. And with a high-quality video, not only can you more accurately describe the role, but you can demonstrate your company culture and attract the right candidates.

In this blog, we’ll dive into all the ways that you can elevate your recruiting efforts with video.

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6 reasons why you should use video in recruiting

Recruiters understand that an efficient hiring process requires more than basic job postings. Crafting a compelling message to draw in the ideal candidates is crucial, preventing wasted time on unsuitable interviews. Yet, juggling tasks like applicant attraction, candidate engagement, fostering a positive employer brand, and filling roles can be challenging to say the least.

With video, you can optimize your entire recruitment journey and achieve more with fewer resources. Here's how.

1. Video stands out

We’ve come to use video as a preferred means of communication in meetings, to connect with friends, and consume information. It brings stories to life by showing and telling in a way that resonates with today's modern workforce.Why? Video is much more eye-catching, compelling, and interesting than text alone.

According to CareerBuilder, job postings with videos are viewed 12% more than postings without. Adding videos to your company career pages can also increase organic traffic by up to 157%, attracting more views and applications in addition to traffic from your typical hiring sites. More traffic means more applications and a larger candidate pool to select from.

2. Video personalizes the hiring process

When we’re job hunting, we’re looking for a place where we will feel seen and valued. With webcam recordings of you, HR, and your leadership team, you can humanize what has become a rather impersonal process. By adding pictures and videos of your team, candidates can get a better feel for your organization and trust you as an employer.

When other job postings just contain a bulleted list of requirements, you can speak directly to your audience about the skills you're looking for and the projects they will work on.

3. Video engages passive candidates

Your perfect fit is out there–they just might not be seeking a new position right now. Video can help engage and entice these passive candidates to view your open positions now and in the future.

Take, for example, a software developer who might be unhappy at their current job, but stays because it's easier. Your job listing could catch their eye during their usual Linkedin scroll and show what it's like on the other side of the fence. With a single video, you can showcase all the benefits of your workplace and maybe even entice them to apply.

By sharing recruiting videos that showcase your company perks, benefits, and work culture, you can showcase and promote your unique company. Even if they don't apply this time around, they're primed to apply for roles in the future.

4. You’ll get more applications

For all the reasons listed above, like making your post more compelling, informative, and eye-catching, your video job posting will bring in more applications. CareerBuilder found that job postings with videos result in 34% more applications than those without.

With a wider pool of applicants, you can interview people from a variety of unique backgrounds and qualifications. This can help you to find just the right fit for your role, and make you a more inclusive employer who truly hires the right person for the job.

5. Better cultural fit

Nearly half of all candidates believe that culture is very important in the application process. When you find the right cultural fit for your organization, you can boost retention and continue building a cohesive, engaged, and conflict-free (or conflict-minimized) workforce.

So show them what they want to see! Take the opportunity to share your mission and vision, unique company perks and events, and even a testimonial to give job seekers an accurate picture of your company culture. If they see wht they're looking for in a workplace, they'll apply.

6. Video can help you fill roles faster

With the increased visibility and applications driven by your video job listing, you'll expedite the hiring process. This not only minimizes downtime and lost productivity due to vacant positions, but also enables you to spend less time cross-posting and promoting, focusing instead on fewer channels with highly-engaging content.

Things to include in your recruting video or virtual job listing

A key goal of a recruitment video is to offer prospective candidates a window into your company's culture and principles. Displaying your organization's distinctive character and workplace culture can strongly attract top talent.

So if you have a lively company culture to share, showcase it with video! Here are some tips.

  • Use interviews and testimonials that feature your employees discussing their experiences. They can emphasize how your company's culture positively impacts their work and lives, how it is different from other workplaces, and why they would recommend working there.
  • Introduce their manager so they can get to know who they're going to be working with on a day-to-day basis.
  • Describe job responsibilities in a compelling way. They want to know the nitty gritty of what you are looking for so they can put their best foot forward and bring the right experience to the table.
  • Create day-in-the-life videos to show candidates what a day in the office will look like! Use video to take candidates on a virtual tour of your workplace. Use fun text callouts and animated elements to highlight fun features through the office. And if your team works remotely, you can create a video to share your home office benefits, share what meetings and employee events look like, and show applicants that they can truly work from anywhere.
  • Share benefits and perks that all employees get. From insurance and health benefits to unique perks like a four-day workweek or home office reimbursement, make sure you include your benefits to draw applicants in.
    • Use your unique branding to build your employer brand from day one. Not only will this make your videos more impressive, but it will help build brand awareness with your candidate pool for future roles.
  • Recap company events to show the fun side of work! Capture moments from online and in-person events, team-building activities, and community engagements to demonstrate how your company bring their culture to life.

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The job market is in a state of constant flux, and recruiters must adapt to shifting dynamics and candidate expectations. Video is a versatile tool that can facilitate engagement with candidates and help recruiters stay agile in a changing job market.

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