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Online Wedding Video Editor for Pros [Quick Guide]


After taking photos at a wedding, why not use an online software solution that makes video creation easy? With Animoto, you can impress and delight your clients by sending them a professional, social media-ready wedding compilation video while they’re still on their honeymoon.

Not only does this give them the opportunity to share special pictures and videos of their blissful nuptials, but it also showcases your skill and speed as a photographer and confirms for the happy couple that hiring you was the right choice.


The benefits of using a video editor for a wedding photographer

After a wedding—with all the powerful emotions and can’t-miss-moments—it can be a big relief to get home and take a break for a few days. However, taking just half an hour or less to put together a high-quality, Instagrammable photo or video reel for your clients is a great way to get high praise for your speed and the quality of your work. It might even get you a recommendation for future weddings!

Getting the video into the happy couples’ hands while they’re still sipping drinks on a sandy beach will compound their joyous post-wedding feelings. Receiving a reminder of their amazing wedding while on their honeymoon can send their satisfaction with your service through the roof. It will also help them stay patient while you edit the rest of their photos. You’ve given them a taste of the pictures you took, and they can be content sharing it online in combination with their “newlyweds on a beach” photos and videos for a while.

Finally, it speaks to the quality of their choice, if the photographer they hired gets them a high-quality piece of content mere hours after they said “I do”—particularly if you do so at no additional charge. That goodwill can open a lot of future doors for an ambitious photographer. You might be hired for a christening, recommended for a close friend’s wedding, or tapped to photograph a parent’s 25th anniversary party. The possibilities all start when you use our wedding video editor to deliver an impressive product.

How to create and edit a spellbinding wedding video quickly and easily

When the goal is to send a professional-level video in the first day or two after the wedding, you want to be very efficient with your time. That means using what you’ve got: lots of photos and perhaps a video of the ceremony or exchanging of vows. But you’ve likely got a lot to choose from—pictures of grandma and the bride, videos of little cousins tossing flower petals, snapshots of a few stylish guests tearing up the dance floor. What do you pick for your slideshow?

Focus on Images and Videos That Capture Emotion

Candid wedding moments tend to be full of powerful emotions. Joy, surprise, laughter, even tears—all of these can load a video with meaning for the couple and the guests. Include the maid of honor squeezing the bride and groom in a fierce, eyes-shut kind of embrace, and steer clear of the wide-shot, posed photos of the whole family. Those photos will look great on the wall someday, but when you’re making video content, focus on what will look good on social media. Look for strong emotions, close-ups, candids, tender moments, and humor.

Take a look at our Wedding Highlights template as a good jumping-off point—or use it to make your next wedding slideshow today!

Make powerful and professional wedding videos with editing tools

So, now you know why you should make a social media-ready wedding video for your clients and what kind of images and videos to include. But how do you tick that final box of “professionally made”?

First off, make sure there’s no watermark on the video from the software you are using. With Animoto, getting rid of the watermark is as easy as upgrading your account. Without watermarks, your videos will look professional and polished, without requiring a lot of time or energy.

Next, make sure the videos and photos you choose have similar lighting. We don’t need to tell you what to look for in a shot, but it can be easy to forget that just because you’re making a video doesn’t mean the fundamentals of photography go out the window. Also, Animoto has a variety of video and text styles that can bring your wedding photos to life.

Also, be sure to include text and music to create a unique piece of content. Text—like the couple’s names and the date of the wedding—should be prominent. You can also include closed captions of any conversation, like the “I do” part of the ceremony or special vows. Music will enhance the mood you’re trying to capture, whether it’s a tender moment, a party atmosphere, or something in between. Animoto gives you access to a variety of royalty-free music that make high-quality creation simple, professional, and easy.

Why Animoto has the best wedding video editor tools

One of the big benefits of a cloud-based video editing suite like Animoto is that you don’t need a desktop with specific software or powerful hardware to create great content. You can use an iOS device or a laptop that doesn’t have a ton of processing power because the work is being done in the cloud, not on your machine. This gives you the power and the speed you need to get a superior quality video into the hands of the happy couple within days of the wedding. Sign up for Animoto and make your first wedding video today!