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18 Videos That’ll Get Your Wedding Business Noticed

Moira West


The wedding business is a competitive one. So whether you’re a baker, an event planner, or an engagement and wedding photographer, video’s an easy way to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of 11 different ways any wedding business can stand out, along with 7 more ideas designed just for wedding photographers. Take a look and find one you can use to promote your brand on social or on your website.

Videos for wedding businesses

1. About us: Give customers background into your business while sharing photos and video clips that’ll get them excited about hiring you. Then post to your website and social channels to extend your reach. For example, Sasha Souza Events combines interviews with stunning images to create the compelling About Us video below.

2. Why us: Differentiate yourself from the competition with a video going into exactly what makes your wedding business special, as Vanessa Joy does here.

3. Video portfolio: Grab a few of your favorite images and share them in a snappy, attention-grabbing video. Update every few months and share on YouTube with search-friendly terms that’ll help your business get found. This video from Mike Allebach shows off his range and style, helping him stand out and find the right clients for his business.

4. Promo: A quick ad promoting your business on social media is a good way to connect with new clients and convince them to click through to learn more.

5. Event video: Publicize events or special sales with short, effective video ads. For example, Sara’s Bridal Boutique promoted a recent designer trunk show with this eye-catching 15-second spot.

6. Testimonials: Share the good press and glowing praise from customers to convince potential clients to sign on with you. For instance, J&J Studios shares their photography awards and Yelp reviews in this video they shared on Twitter:

7. Behind the scenes: Show the work that goes into your craft. Vanessa Joy underscores the value of her photo albums in the video below by showing the care that goes into each one.

8. FAQ: Have some questions customers ask all the time? Create a video running down everything they’ll want to know and send it out in an email or share it on social.

9. How To: There’s a lot of popular DIY content out there. Provide valuable info, and you can get the word about your business. Read up on City Girl Flowers and find out how their how-to videos helped them land new clients.

10. Wedding inspiration: Give brides and grooms some inspiration with content curated for Pinterest-savvy customers. Talk about trends in your industry or options they might consider when deciding on a cake, flowers, dress, or other wedding details.

11. Listicle: Social-friendly lists are an easy, effective way to grab attention on Facebook or Instagram. This video, from Conceptions Events, gives budget-conscious brides tips for keeping costs down on their bridal shower.

Wedding videos for pro photographers

12. Save the date: Help your clients spread the good news and create sharable content that gets your business noticed. Start with a simple template, like the one featured below, and just change dates and names to customize it for your clients.

13. Engagement video: Create a slideshow featuring a client’s engagement shoot as a preview to a sales session or as a way to connect with clients during a remote sales session.

14. Same-day slideshow: It only takes a minute to upload and then drag and drop wedding photos into a slideshow. The quick turnaround will impress clients and help you connect with wedding guests who may the next ones headed to the altar. To see how this works in practice, check out this video from wedding photographer, Jerry Ghionis, which was done in just a few minutes.

15. Wedding recap: Give your clients a video of their wedding to share and let them create word-of-mouth advertising for you. You can also post the video on Facebook or YouTube, as Susan Stripling did her for the Indian wedding shown below.

16. Album preview: Before you send your album off to the printers, put together a preview for your clients. It’ll build anticipation for the finished product and make sure they’re happy with the design.

17. Promote another vendor: If you run into the same vendors over and over, build goodwill by making them short promos featuring your photos of their work. That way, you’ll be the first on their mind the next time someone asks, “Do you know a good wedding photographer?”

18. Wedding boudoir: Boudoir photographers can connect with clients during the wedding planning process, too. Advertise your wedding boudoir sessions or products with video and then share on social media, as Katherine Henry Boudoir does here.

Have any video ideas we didn’t think of? Share them in the comments! Or visit our Facebook group, the Animoto Social Video Marketing Community, to share your videos and find even more inspiration.