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How to Create Sales Videos that Convert: 20 Templates and Proven Examples

Eliza Talvola


How to Create Sales Videos that Convert 20 Templates and Proven Examples

Sales videos are a potent tool, capable of delivering compelling and persuasive messages to prospects both remote and in-person. They can bring any story to life with visuals and audio that resonates and inspires any audience. Unlike other overused media like emails, video can drive more engagement, foster trust, and ultimately lead to successful conversions. If your team has been hesitant to make the switch to video, this article is here to help!

Browse through this article for stellar examples of powerful and professional sales videos and when to use them in the 7-step sales process:

  • 1. Prospecting
  • 2. Preparation
  • 3. Approach
  • 4. Presentation
  • 5. Handling objections
  • 6. Closing
  • 7. Follow-up

Below each video you’ll find a button that will take you to Animoto’s free video templates so you can create one just like it. Then, start customizing with your brand colors, message, and media to make it your own. It’s that simple!

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Videos for the Approach stage:

Bio videos

In order to trust your company or product, your prospects need to trust you. With a bio video, you can share information about your background to boost your credibility and show some vulnerability. By sharing details about yourself, including some about your personal background, online prospects are more likely to want to interact with you.

In a digital age where sales have become very impersonal and cold, you are sure to stand out with a warm and friendly bio video. You can include this as an inline link in your email, or add it to your email signature for a nice surprise.

The examples below are two different kinds of bio or self-introduction videos that you can easily create. The first emphasizes your personal life, while the second is centered around your professional career. Use either template but add a balance of boat aspects to impress and connect with your audience.

About us videos

After your clients have gotten to know you a bit better, they’re ready to learn about your company. An about-us video that shows your beginnings and journey to where you are today can bring your brand to life. By explaining what inspired you or your company to create the solutions they did, you can also highlight pain points that your audience is likely to already have.

The entire sales process is a story, not just a couple one-off communications. With an introductory or about us video, you can tell your story in a way that resonates with new prospects and makes them want to learn more.

Landing page videos

According to Hubspot, “30% of the top landing pages incorporate video, and embedding relevant video content on a landing page has been found to increase conversions by as much as 86%.” Your marketing team will thank you because this will boost their website SEO by decreasing bounce rates, and you’ll be grateful that they moved down the sales funnel.

The key is to put the most relevant and enticing videos in the right place. If you are encouraging your viewers to book a demo or meetings, add a video next to the sign up button so they can learn more about what they’ll get during this time. In this video, you can also explicitly say what will happen once you get their contact information to quell any fears about being spammed or having their information sold to someone else.

We know that buyers prefer to learn about a product or service through a video over webinars, calls, or text alone. So, consider adding videos to your product descriptions as well! They can be simple explainers or demos to show the product in action. Or, offer a “virtual tour” to sell your service by walking through your facilities or office.

Customer testimonial videos

Of course it’s easy to claim your own trustworthiness and credibility, but it doesn’t go half as far as a customer’s testimonial. Testimonial videos provide authentic, real-world endorsements of your products and services. They serve as social proof by demonstrating how others have benefited and had positive experiences with you and your company and get prospects’ gears turning about how it can do the same for them. This immensely helps you to build confidence in your brand or offering.

Online, text-based testimonials are easy to copy and paste into a professional and engaging video. Or, if you have a strong relationship with certain customers, you can invite them to send you video testimonials! By showing your happy customer, it’s easier for prospects to envision themselves in your customers’ shoes.

Just look at the two testimonial videos below to see the impact that a webcam recording can make.

Videos for the presentation stage

Explainer videos

Explainer videos are exactly what they sound like. Sales teams can use them to explain their product or service or the why behind their business. Many of the videos you would find on an Amazon product can be considered explainers.

Rather than explaining your product through text alone, you can create custom explainers with photos and videos of your product, demos, and text to call out specific features. And since consumers prefer to learn about a product or service from a video, they’re a low-lift but high-results solution for helping your prospects understand what your product is and what it can do.

Problem-solution videos

Make your audience feel seen by addressing the specific problems they are encountering and showing how you or your product can overcome them. In problem-solution videos, the shared problem is the hook. Then, through the power of storytelling, your product or service’s value comes to life by showing the solution, not just telling it.

The first example is a short and sweet video. It’s a great way to convey your solution quickly. It’s a powerful addition to emails and landing pages for prospects early on in the sales process.

But if you want to dig in even deeper, try creating a video like the second example. In this video, the speaker takes time to address the nuances of the problems their prospects may be facing. Then, it concisely states what their service can do to help and why you should work with them.

Promoting a product? Try this template instead!

Product demonstration videos

Product demonstration videos can boost sales by visually showcasing a product's features, benefits, and functionality. This engaging and immersive experience not only demonstrates how your product works and how it can help them, but it boosts their trust in you. These videos can address common questions and objections to reduce buyer uncertainty and boost confidence.

The videos below are two examples of professional and exciting demos that you can create for both physical and virtual products.

Claims videos

Although many companies make lofty claims, many can’t back them up. Like the infamous “World’s best cup of coffee” signs you see dotted around the city, every business makes claims to get people in the door. So how can your prospects trust that your claims are true?

In this video, individual claims are broken down one by one, showing exactly how they can back up those claims. Other statistics, sources, and independent research can also be used to add credibility to the claims your company makes. If you want to build trust and stand apart from other salespeople online. This kind of video will move your prospect’s trust by leaps and bounds.

Videos to use when handling objections

Cost/price videos

The cost of your service is always a touchy subject to approach, but it’s what customers want to know up front. A simple comparison chart or pricing page isn’t enough to help them see the value of your product or service. Instead, you can use a cost/price video to explain why you’re at your current price point.

You can also use this as an opportunity to explain why the others are priced so low (what services or details they lack) or alternatively, why they are so expensive and over-priced. When done tastefully, you can get through one of your toughest conversations while continuing to build trust, respect, and intrigue in your unique company.

FAQ videos

How often do you get the same questions on your sales calls? It probably happens a lot! Instead of directing prospects and new customers to a bland FAQ page, be proactive and answer these questions during the sales process.

In the example video at the bottom, FAQs were turned into a concise and helpful video. You can create a similar video to shut down common misconceptions and objections before they arise.

Videos to close the deal


When it comes to sales pitches, whether your first or final, customized videos are the way to go. Sales videos can take all the information that would normally take an entire email or presentation to share, and put it all in one persuasive and engaging video. With multiple forms of media including video clips, voice-overs, screen recordings, and photos, you can effectively reinforce your product’s value while enticing them to close.

Sales pitch videos also require less work from your audience. Instead of skimming a lengthy email to find the information they want and need, they can watch a short video to learn that and more. With all your cards on the table, these videos can lead to increased trust and ultimately, higher conversion rates.

At this point, you can customize and tailor your video to your specific prospects. Add their special, introductory pricing or offers, their brand, and their names. Take the time to circle back to their objections, and instill confidence that you can help overcome them.

Take, for example, the sales pitch video at the bottom of this section. In just 30 seconds, this company shared their value propositions, introduced their team, built trust and brand awareness, and shared a clear call to action to close the deal.

Discount, freebie, or trial videos

Sometimes it takes a little something extra to close the deal. With a video like this one, you can sweeten the deal with a special introductory discount, freebie, or trial. This last-ditch effort may be just what they need to dip their toes in and convert into long-term customers.

Videos to follow up

Your work isn’t done after the deal goes through! To retain and engage your customers, send them helpful and engaging content to retain them. From onboarding to feature announcements and tutorials, there’s no better way to break through than with video.

Now, you can work with your marketing team to create videos throughout their customer journey. Use any of the templates below to strengthen your relationships with your customers and encourage them to stick around for more.

Create sales videos effortlessly with Animoto

Well-crafted sales videos like the ones shared above can help you and your sales team to build trust, foster emotional connections, and provide a compelling way to communicate complex information. By harnessing the power of video, your business can increase the chances of successful conversions and leave a lasting impact on your target audience.

With Animoto, anyone can create a video, no experience required. Learn more about the power of sales videos in this blog or dive right in and start creating videos for free.