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8 IGTV Video Ideas for Businesses on Instagram

Megan O'Neill


If your business is on Instagram, you’re likely posting photos and videos to the Instagram feed and to Instagram Stories. But IGTV offers an extra opportunity for getting long-form content in front of your followers and potential customers.


IGTV is a feature within Instagram that allows you to share longer videos. While the feed allows for videos up to one minute and Stories are 15 seconds each, IGTV videos can be anywhere from 15 seconds to 15 minutes, or even 60 minutes for verified accounts.

The good news? You don’t have to put a lot of time into making IGTV yet another part of your regular social video strategy. You can use it as a home for just a few evergreen videos about your business, or as a second home for the long-form video content you’re creating for other channels.

IGTV Video Ideas with Templates

To help you figure out which videos to post to IGTV, we’ve put together a list of ideas. Many of the ideas are paired with a video template that you can easily update with your own text, photos and video clips, colors, and logo. The landscape templates are available on the web at The vertical templates are available in our iOS app, Animoto: Social Video Editor. IGTV supports both vertical and landscape videos.

IGTV Idea #1: About Us video

Start with an evergreen video that shares who you are as a business. An About Us video serves as an introduction to your brand for anyone new who’s come to IGTV to learn more about who you are and what you do.

IGTV Idea #2: Product video

You can also share a video that gives potential buyers more information about a product, shows it off from different angles, or shows them how it’s used. On our own IGTV, we’ve shared several how to videos that show how the Animoto product is used.

While that video wasn’t created with a template, we do have several templates that can be used for showcasing product videos, including the New Collection template below.

IGTV Idea #3: Behind the Scenes video

Take your customers behind the scenes to show off your workspace, or how a product is made. The Behind the Scenes template in our iOS app shows an example of how a business can showcase their mission through video. You can update the photos, video clips, and text to create a behind the scenes video for your business.


IGTV Idea #4: FAQ video

What are the questions you get most often from potential clients and customers about your business, products, or services? Put together a video that shares the answers to these questions.

IGTV Idea #5: Educational video

Showcase your expertise! Create an educational video that teaches your followers something useful. In this example, our Expert How To template, a chiropractor teaches his audience about three stretches for surviving a desk job.

IGTV Idea #6: Inspo or Mood Board video

You can also use IGTV as a place for sharing videos about what inspires you. What inspires you as a business owner? What was the inspiration behind a new product or new collection? Check out the Inspiration Mood Board template in our iOS app for ideas.


IGTV Idea #7: Tips or List video

Share a list or a video with tips related to your product or industry. For inspiration, check out our landscape Fashion Lookbook How To template. You can easily customize this template with your own tips and drag and drop to add your own photos and video clips.

IGTV Idea #8: Customer feature

Last but not least, share stories of your customer’s successes! You can share a customer testimonial video or feature user generated content using our Customer Call Out template in our iOS app.


And there you have it! Now that you’re armed with ideas, you’re ready to start making videos for IGTV. Looking for more inspiration? Check out our Complete Guide to IGTV Video to learn even more.