Photography Video Marketing Challenge: Video Business Card

Sally Sargood


What do you do when someone hands you their business card? Where does it go? Can you share it with friends? Does it really show you who that person is and what they do?

In a world where digital technology, social media and the internet dominate our lives and business, why not create a video business card? Combine your images with video footage, music and text to create a 30 second video that visually describes who you are and what you do.

Although meeting someone and exchanging business cards is ideally the best way to connect, using video comes close in our digital world, especially for photographers. Not only does it offer a platform to show your best work, but it also gives people a glimpse of who you are, helping them get to know you immediately without necessarily meeting.

Tips for making a great video business card:

  1. Keep it under a minute. This will ensure you maintain their attention.
  2. Be very selective about the images you show. Only show your very best.
  3. Use text slides to help to the story of who you are and what you do.
  4. Record video footage of you talking to the camera – introduce yourself and let your personality shine.
  5. Link directly to your website using the Call To Action feature
  6. Add your logo at the start and end.

Be seen more on social media! Have your video business card show up in others news feeds by posting to Facebook. Share your video on social media, with customers, wedding coordinators, co-marketing opportunities, on YouTube… the options are endless!

Want to see a few more video business cards in action? Find inspiration in the Animoto Social Video Marketing Community on Facebook.

Portrait Photographer, Sue Bryce and Animoto launched a series of challenges designed to encourage, inspire and motivate photographers to start marketing with video. Participants create a video a month and post it on social. This is an in-depth description of one of the 12 challenges.