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How to Make a YouTube Intro (And Why It Matters)


First impressions matter! This is especially true in video marketing. If your video doesn’t start strongly, chances are viewers won't stay until the end.

Whether you're looking to promote your channel or increase viewer retention, it's never been more important to know how to make a great YouTube intro. This blog looks at the importance of YouTube intro videos and how Animoto’s online video editor can help take you to that next level.

how to make a youtube intro

What is a YouTube intro?

Making a good YouTube intro is an important ingredient for increasing viewer retention on your channel. A strong introduction gives viewers a sneak peek and sets the tone for your video. These super-short opening montage clips are at the beginning (or close to it) of the YouTube video lasting between five to ten seconds in length.

Why make a YouTube intro?

Recent studies find that in 2022, around 82% of all global online traffic comes from video marketing, showing no signs of slowing down. On average, 1.6 billion people spend over one billion hours watching videos online every day. A well-crafted YouTube intro can be the difference between having your audience move on or hooking them in for good; YouTube intros are the future of video marketing.

How to make a YouTube intro with Animoto in 4 steps

1. Pick a YouTube intro video template

Browse through Animoto's template library and start brainstorming what templates will make for the perfect YouTube intro video. Quickly introduce your brand at the beginning of each video with this template:

2. Upload your media

Sart by uploading your photos and video clips to Animoto. Don't forget to check out the built-in library of millions of photos and videos from Getty Images. Drag and then drop your media into the project.

3. Let's get creative

Customize your video’s text and let your brand's personality shine through. Use text styles and video styles to add a level of professionalism to your video. Lastly, add some music from Animoto's library of licensed songs to help set the video's mood.

4. Time to double-check

Almost done, it's time to click the 'play' button in the bottom left-hand corner and double-check your YouTube intro video. When you're ready, export your video. Now, you can add your downloaded intro video to the beginning of your YouTube videos. Keep in mind that all videos are saved in your account forever.

3 YouTube intro best practices

Below are the three critical best practices that will help you grow your YouTube channel:

1. Clear and consistent branding

YouTube is the perfect spot if you're looking to increase your brand awareness and increase viewer retention. A successful YouTube channel should include your logo, channel name, consistent brand colors, captivating music or sound effects, and a catchy tagline. These branding elements will help viewers know what you do and help your brand stand out next to your competition. With an Animoto Professional or Professional Plus plan, you can use the Saved Brands feature to easily incorporate your own fonts, colors, and logos.

2. Don't forget animated text

Adding animated text to your YouTube intro is a great way to keep your audience engaged. Use animated text to introduce viewers to your channel, show your tagline, and make it easier to follow along. Animoto offers multiple fonts, colors, and text styles that will make your message stand out.

3. Always customize

A YouTube intro is all about first impressions. Combining the right music, animated text, and consistent branding is the perfect recipe to help drive engagement and ensure your YouTube channel grows. Upload your own fonts, colors, logos, and music to truly customize your intro video.

What should a YouTube intro include?

YouTube intros can seem like a no-brainer, but even the tiniest of details can be the difference between driving viewer retention or missing out on any chances of growth. YouTube intros should be between five to ten seconds long; any longer and you'll lose your audience's attention.

If you want a great template to get you started, try our self-introduction template to help you put together an awesome intro collage.

When it comes to a YouTube intro, it's always best to be clear and get right to the point. Avoid confusing language; viewers will get impatient and move on. Lastly, be consistent when using your logo, tagline, and brand colors on all social media platforms.

Requirements and formatting for YouTube intros

It's essential to know the technical requirements for making the perfect YouTube intro video. Below is a list of the top three points to keep in mind:

Aspect ratio

All YouTube video content has a preferred aspect ratio of 16:9. It's crucial to note videos won't automatically adapt and reconfigure to the proper size. Your YouTube intro can appear awkward when posted if it's formatted differently. Animoto allows you to automatically resize your video into landscape, square, or vertical aspect ratios.

Video format

All YouTube intro videos need to be in an MP4 or MOV format. When you download your intro video from Animoto, it will be formatted correctly.

Music licensing

If you're new to YouTube's terms of service, it's important to note you can't simply use any piece of music you want. To ensure you're following YouTube's rules, you can either create your music, buy pre-licensed music, or use licensed music from an online video editor like Animoto.

How long should a YouTube intro be?

YouTube intros should always be to the point, between five to ten seconds in length. YouTube intro clips play before the main content, summarizing what your channel's all about, almost like a sneak peek of what's coming next.

YouTube intro examples to inspire you

TED is a well-known YouTube channel with millions of subscribers. Each of their YouTube videos, including “A Seat at the Table" Isn't the Solution for Gender Equity by Lilly Singh includes a brief intro. Despite only lasting for a few seconds, this intro contains their animated logo accompanied by a signature sound effect. These elements combine to create a branded experience that is unmistakably unique.

Why use Animoto to make an intro video?

Animoto empowers creators by letting anyone easily make professional-looking branded content in minutes, a crucial ingredient for any successful YouTube channel. With attention-grabbing and captivating templates, your YouTube intro will be a huge success.

Ready to make a YouTube intro?

Are you looking for how to make a YouTube intro video that's stylish and captivating? Look no further; Animoto's here. Animoto will help make your YouTube intro videos look and feel professional. Start making your own YouTube intros today.