How to Sell Video Slideshows to Clients

Moira West


While photography clients love video slideshows, sometimes it can be a challenge to decide exactly how to turn that into a pricing plan. So we’ve broken down a few of the ways you can sell your slideshows to clients.

Part of a package

One popular way to work video slideshows into your sales session is to include it in a package. Because a slideshow is so evocative and has such a strong emotional impact on clients, it’s a simple way to encourage your customers to move up to a higher priced package. For example, glamour photographer Tatiana Lumiere uses a fusion slideshow (a slideshow with still images and video clips) as a part of her reveal. Then she includes that same slideshow as part of her two highest packages.

A la carte sales

If you don’t work with packages, or use a hybrid system that’s part package and part a la carte pricing, you can price your videos individually. Now, if all your sales are a la carte, then this is an obvious choice. However, even if you work with packages, you can still offer videos a la carte if the videos don’t fit into the packages you’ve worked out. This may be an especially good choice if you’re in an area with few videographers. You can offer fusion slideshows as a product that’s unique to your area, and price it separately for clients who may not expect it in their photography packages.

The gift of free marketing

Some photographers prefer to give away their slideshows, using the good will that generates to market their business. While this isn’t a sale, per se, it may help bring new business through the door when clients share your video through social media. Newborn photographer Kelly Brown will often include a free birth announcement in with her sales to reach future potential clients and win over current ones.

Including video in your pricing can be an easy way to add to your bottom line. A few simple adjustments to your current packages or a la carte price list can give you an exciting new feature for future sales.

If you’d like a few more tips on adding video to your menu, you can explore ways to increase your portrait orders using slideshows or add must-have video slideshows to your wedding photography business, on our blog. Or if you’ve already got a solid plan for pricing videos, let us know by sounding off in the comments below.