Check out Caity Copley’s New Music for Photographers [INTERVIEW]

Moira West


As an assistant to photography educator Sue Bryce, songwriter Caity Copley has learned how challenging it can be to find just the right sound for photography slideshows and marketing videos.

So after talking it over with Sue, Caity decided to compose the Inspire collection, a series of songs written with photographers in mind. Her gorgeous, evocative instrumentals are designed to correspond to key moments and bring even more emotional depth to photographers’ images. Listen to a few of our favorite songs from the collection in the video below (along with two new birthday songs Caity recorded just for Animoto), and then check out our interview with Caity to hear the inspiration behind Inspire.

ANIMOTO: I know that you work with Sue already, but how and why did you start working on a set of songs for photographers?

CAITY: Sue and I were talking one day about how it has always been hard for her to find the right music for the videos she adds voice-over to. At first, she wanted me to write a song for one specific video. We then realized how valuable these songs could be for other portrait photographers, so we decided to make it an entire project.

What do you think makes a good song for a photography video?

Photography is precious – it is something you cherish forever. The music you set to it should emphasize that emotion without overpowering it. A good video song sets the mood, but leaves enough space for the images to speak.

How did Sue influence your music?

We would talk about a vibe or mood she would want for a certain video or shoot and I would go home and write something to match it. I’d come back with it, we’d both listen to it, compare notes, what we liked, and what we didn’t. It was a constant back and forth, a force of two art forms. For example, one of the songs, “Grace,” I wrote after we shot a Victorian style shoot. Throughout that day, I could already hear the fast pace strings and the bells. I told Sue, “I already know what I’m going to write for this one.”

Do you have a favorite song in the Inspire collection? Why?

I love the song “Reveal.” It was the first one I wrote and I think set the mood for the entire project. It also was the one I wrote the fastest in just a few hours.

Is there anything else you would like to say about music, photography, or music for photography?

Think about when you go to the movies. We don’t realize how much the music is actually adding to our emotional reaction to the images on the screen. Art feeds art, and although one art form is beautiful on its own, when you combine the arts, something magical happens. Setting your photography to music through Animoto can create a whole new level of experience for your current and potential clients.

Which of the songs from Caity’s Inspire collection is your favorite? Reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter and let us know!