Video Styles for Boudoir Photography

Becky Brooks


In 2014 Animoto launched our very first boudoir style, Vogue, with Jen Rozenbaum. While many of our other styles weren’t explicitly created for boudoir photographers, some of them undeniably show boudoir photography off in an awesome way.

Take a look at some of our favorite video styles for boudoir photographers.


This sleek style, created with boudoir photographer Jen Rozenbaum, is ideal for showcasing clients who want to reveal their sensual side.
Create a video with Vogue


Internationally acclaimed photographer Jerry Ghionis co-designed this sophisticated and elegant video style will showcase your imagery in a simple yet impacting way.
Create a video with Chic


This spin on our first video style, Animoto Original, came about as a collaboration with award-winning photographer and teacher Vicki Taufer.
Create a video with Aperture

Dusk Retreat

The soft glow of dusk envelops the scene, as your images recede into a sea of dwindling lights.
Create a video with Dusk Retreat


Like the light reflecting off the angles of a precious gem, your images unfold in an elegant pattern in this ethereal style.
Create a video with Amethyst

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