9 Tips for an Amazing Photographer About Me Page

Moira West


Talking about yourself is hard; writing about yourself can be even harder. But since an About Me page is often the first stop your potential photography clients make on a webpage, it’s worth putting in the effort to make a memorable one.

Not sure how to do that? We’re here to help! Check out our easy rules for creating an About Me page.

1. Say why you’re a photographer

Your reason for becoming a photographer says a lot about your personality and style. Bob and Amanda Mackowski of Open Aperture Photography spend time laying out exactly why they love what they do and how that translates to beautiful photography.

2. Make it visually engaging

The design of the page says something about you, too. If you create a dynamic page like Jasmine Star did, it tells clients that you have something different to offer.

3. Use your own voice

That means you don’t have to use third-person text (unless you want to). You can speak to your audience directly in the first person and show your own individuality. You can clearly hear Peter Hurley’s voice on his About Me page, and he sounds like someone you’d want to hang out with. For a photographer, that can make or break bookings.

4. Separate yourself from the pack

Tell your audience what’s special or fun or different about you. Chase Jarvis charms in his About Me page, which invites his audience to be his friend. Documentary photographer Larry Louie works his second career as an optometrist into his one-of-a-kind bio. And Jennifer Rozenbaum introduces herself using a list that covers philosophy, clothes, and some naughty confessions that work well for a personal description of a boudoir photographer.


5. Give your philosophy as a photographer

What do you think is the purpose of photography (or the purpose of your specialty within photography)? Masao and Yofred of Amara Photo both make a point to explain their photography philosophy in a way that’s quick and appealing.

6. Show, don’t tell

If you’re intimidated by writing or want to combine your photos with your bio, a video can be a compelling marketing tool. Christopher Todd’s About Me video mixes his gorgeous photographs with an on-camera interview, letting clients see who they might work with and how talented he is, right away.

If you aren’t able to film your About Me video by yourself, consider hiring someone, or even just make a trade with another photographer looking to record video of themselves. But if you’re stuck and want to get a video out as soon as possible, try sharing a slideshow of your images with text describing why they should choose you. Check out Vanessa Joy’s video below for some inspiration:

7. Be brief

People’s attention spans are short, and while it’s possible to write a long, high-quality About Me page, you’re better off cutting to the chase. For an example, check out Voorhes Photography, which manages to sound quirky and interesting in just a few lines.

8. Get out the basics

What’s your name? What’s the name of your business? Do you have a specialty? What do you look like? (Yup, you should have a picture, if not a video.) How can people get in contact with you? In fact, if you combine your About Me page with your Contact page, you can make sure clients don’t get sick of clicking on different links. Felix Kunze is a great example of how to give your audience everything they need to know up front.


9. Check your grammar

This should be obvious, but check your spelling and your grammar. There’s nothing quite as simple as a typo or a spelling error to make you seem unprofessional or careless.

But most importantly, when it comes to your About Me page, the best advice is to just be yourself. Let your personality shine through, and you’re on your way to having an amazing About Me page.

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