Photography Video Marketing Challenge: About Me

Becky Brooks


What do photographers have in common with family and friends? They are there for the most important events in a person’s life. Yet if you don’t make a personal connection with clients, they may feel they’ve invited a stranger to the wedding or their newborn’s first days.

An “About Me” video introduces you to prospective clients and makes you seem less like a stranger. Customers get a sense for who you are as a person as well as your philosophy when it comes to photography. It is a great way for clients to learn who you are before they invite you into their lives.

Combined with some examples of your photos or video of you working, an About Me video offers a personal way into you and your style. You break the ice and show the person behind the camera. Your video provides a window into your brand and illustrates what makes your company the one clients should trust with recording their memories.

Tips for making a great About Me video:

  1. Keep it short – a minute and a half to two minutes is plenty to say what you need to say without losing your audience’s attention.
  2. You can appear on camera, use voiceover, or let your images and text do the talking for you.
  3. Describe your brand – what makes your company special?  Here is your chance to explain your philosophy or why you became a photographer. Information about your personal life is fine, as long as it relates to your perspective as an artist.
  4. Show photos of yourself or record footage of yourself working. This lets your audience put a face to your business.
  5. Don’t be afraid to include family photos or photos of your experiences, but remember to include examples of your own work as well.
  6. Use only your best work, and only use work that illustrates your philosophy or style.
  7. Link directly to your website using the Call To Action feature or add your URL in your YouTube/Vimeo description so people can go back to your site.
  8. Add your logo at the start and end.

Like a video business card, an About Me video gives you an opportunity to be seen through social media. Post your video on Facebook and YouTube or add it to your business website. Show it to potential clients and let them see who you are!

Check out this About Me video by Em Grey Photography. She does a great job of combining behind-the-scenes footage, finished photos and voiceover to give a window into her philosophy and style.

Bec Rose Photography uses photos and video of her family to give her About Me a more personal feel.

This video from Amanda Creek Creative is an example of how to use text cards instead of voiceover.

Want to see a few more About Me videos in action? Find inspiration in the Animoto Social Video Marketing Community on Facebook.

Portrait Photographer, Sue Bryce and Animoto launched a series of challenges designed to encourage, inspire and motivate photographers to start marketing with video. Participants create a video a month and post it on social. This is an in-depth description of one of the 12 challenges.

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