Create a Story-of-Us Wedding Reception Video

Lauren Colman


Skip the boring slideshow of goofy photos. Give your guests a quick glimpse into your life and love story.

Not sure how to begin? Check out our comprehensive guide to creating a wedding reception or rehearsal dinner video that won’t leave a dry eye in the house. Or, dive right in by using our Engagement Slideshow template.

Consider how to tell your story

Think of your video as a story with an exposition, climax, and resolution. Using photos, words, and music, create a story arc. With the “Story of Us” reception video, it’s fairly easy since you know this story very well!

Typically we recommend that videos be on the shorter side to keep people’s attention, but wedding reception videos are an exception to that rule. With your friends and family in attendance celebrating your commitment to your partner, you couldn’t ask for a better audience.

Add images and video clips from before and after you met

Before you get started with the video, be sure you have enough photos and video clips from before you met. Try to include a couple embarrassing photos from both the bride and groom’s childhoods. Then add photos of the two of you as a couple and make sure you have a music that matches the fairy-tale story you’re telling.

Choose a look for your video

Animoto offers pre-built templates to help inspire your video’s design. Start with one of our templates—the Engagement Slideshow template is a good choice—and then customize it to fit your wedding colors or change up the style to give it a modern or dreamy feel.

Add a song that fits your video

You can check out some of our favorite wedding songs below, or explore the hundreds of songs in our music library.

Some songs take a few seconds to get going, so starting a few seconds into the song may be a better fit for your video. You can even start in the middle of the song so that the end of a video section aligns with the end of your music. This makes for a smooth transition into another video segment or the end of the video.

Pick the right resolution

If you plan to show your video on a large screen or with a projector you will want have an HD video ready. The default video quality that is available to all users on any Animoto subscription plan is 780p. Customers using a paid Animoto plan will also see their videos upgraded to HD 1080p. To learn more, visit our pricing page.

We generally recommend downloading your videos in the highest quality available. Not sure how to show your video to a big audience? Take a look at our blog post on different ways you can share your video on screen for your audience.