12 Video-Worthy Holiday Moments to Capture This Year

Beth Forester


There’s a reason there are so many holiday movies: the holidays are full of events and emotions, two things that are key for good visual storytelling. This year, get ready for your own holiday video ahead of time by planning out some video-worthy moments to record during this year’s winter festivities.

Not sure when to take out your camera or smartphone to preserve the moment? Check out the below list of holiday scenarios to capture on video rather than in still photographs and the templates that make these moments even merrier.

Outdoor activities

1. Having winter fun. If you’ve already got snow (or are visiting someplace that does), a few seconds of ice skating, snowman building, or other playful winter activities offer a sweet way to open any holiday video.

2. Selecting the tree. If you’re going out to get a live tree this year, clips from the expedition can add a bit of storytelling flair when you create a video, letting you show the whole tree-decorating process from start to finish.

Want to highlight video snippets of your winter wonderland activities? Use our Simple Holiday Story template to share your adventures on social media.

Holiday Events

3. Visiting Santa. During the Christmas rush, there’s always time to visit the big guy from the North Pole and deliver that holiday wish list. But don’t forget to record some video when you do!

4. Volunteering. The holidays are a season of giving, and if you or your family are giving your time to a good cause, take out your camera to promote a meaningful organization that is close to your heart.

5. Participating in a holiday concert or pageant. With the holidays come holiday concerts; adding in a few bars of Jingle Bells or a scene from a seasonal play helps share these moments with far-away family.

Holiday memories are precious, and there are only so many years the little ones in your life will be visiting Santa or performing in the school Christmas play. Use video to capture those moments, then share those moments on a larger scale using our Merry Christmas Greeting template.

Time with extended family

6. Cuddling at storytime. The holidays are a time of stories, so why not capture your little one reading The Polar Express for the first time, or hearing the story of the Maccabees, or even cuddling up to a favorite fairy tale. TIP: Make sure to include grandparents in these holiday videos as this is one moment they almost always agree to be filmed.

7. Celebrating family tradition. Your family’s history plays a big role in celebrating the holidays. Whatever your family’s background, there’s bound to be a shared tradition worth remembering with video.

This time of year is all about family. Whether that's the family you were born into or the family you choose, it’s important to memorialize special family moments during the holidays with video. Use our Holiday Greeting template to create a holiday tribute to those you love most.

Cooking and decorating

8. Holiday decorating. When you’re ready to haul out the holly, haul out the camera, too. Capture baby in awe of tree lights or bigger kids creating holiday crafts to add a festive air to your video.

9. Making holiday goodies. Capture the togetherness that comes from cooking and baking by turning your camera’s lens towards the kitchen.

The holidays and traditions like baking cookies and stringing popcorn garland go hand in hand. Keep those traditions alive by creating a how-to video that loved ones can refer to year after year, even if you aren’t celebrating together.

Anything involving gifts

10. Making a wish list. Though it has other meanings, many children view the holidays as a prelude to presents. So when they’re making a list (and checking it twice), take out your camera and record a few seconds of them writing down what they want for the holidays.

11. Opening Gifts. Before the wrapping paper starts to fly, quick — hit record! You’ll not only get the rip of the gift wrap, but you’ll catch those first reactions to each present. TIP: If possible, have family members open gifts one at a time, at least for major gifts, so you don’t lose Suzie’s reaction to her big present while you’re filming Tommy opening his.

12. Enjoying new gifts. Once the children have finished unwrapping their gifts, keep the camera on, and catch them playing with their new toys.

There is nothing quite like the magic of a child during the holidays, especially when Santa and presents are involved. Use our Mini-Photo Session template to capture the magic of the kids in your life unwrapping gifts under the tree.

What’s your favorite part of the holidays each year? Share a video of your holiday highlights with like-minded creators in the Animoto Social Video Marketing Community.