Inspiration for Your End-of-Year Recap Video

Megan O'Neill


The end of the year is just around the corner and, here at Animoto, we’re all about saying goodbye to one year and hello to the next with video. An end-of-year recap video is a great way to revisit everything that’s happened over the past year (or the best parts, at least!) and to get excited about what’s in store for the coming year.

We’ve put together a few recap video examples to inspire you. Check ‘em out and then try documenting the year for yourself!

A business year in review

Video can be a great way for businesses to look back on all that happened over the past year—to share the milestones with customers as well as relive fun team events.

We've added some brand new video templates to make it easy to share your 2019 milestones. The first is the Company Year In Review template.

You can also check out the Our Company's Year template, which is designed for sharing milestones by month.

Findo out more about how to use these templates in our article on how to make a year in review video.

A family’s year in review

Video can also be a wonderful way to capture all of your family memories to share with friends and family, as well as to look back on for years to come. Animoto customer Clare Darling created this video to share with friends and family on Facebook. The mix of photos and video clips really brings her year to life. The video below was created using the “Expert How To” pre-built storyboard found in our storyboard selector.

We've also got a template to make it easy for you to create your own year in review video for your family. It's our 2019 Moments template and you can check it out below.

A photographer’s reflection on the year’s memories

Each year, photographers create an entirely new suite of work and the New Year can be a great opportunity for them to show off all the great photographs they’ve taken. Photographer Alycia Alvarez shares some of her best work from 2016 in this beautiful end-of-year video.

A holiday greeting and recap from Carrie Green

Carrie Green, founder of the Female Entrepreneur Association, adds a personal touch to her look back with footage of herself talking to her audience on camera, paired with photos and video clips from throughout the year.

Have you created an end-of-year recap video? We’d love to see it! Share a link with us in the comments or reach out on Facebook or Twitter. Include the hashtag #MyAnimoto to be sure we’ll see it and we’ll reshare our faves.