6 Pictures to Take on the First Day of School

Moira West


Kids change so much over the course of just one school year, which is why the first day of school feels so important to both you and your children. It marks the start of a new year, full of new possibilities, and it deserves to be celebrated with some new photos! That’s why we’ve put together a list of some must-have photos for the start of the school year to help you capture the excitement of your children’s first day:

Song: “Little Monkey” by Abbas Premjee
  1. Ready to leave the house: You can try posing them at the front door. Alternatively, snap an unposed pic at breakfast or as the kids are heading out of the house.
  2. A picture with family: First days are exciting for grownups, too! Besides, taking a picture together reminds kids that they have family at home, waiting to hear all about their first day.
  3. Posing with their backpack: Whether you let your kids show off their new gear, or just take a photo as your children walk away, make sure you get an image of your little ones going off to school with their backpacks. (This would also be a good opportunity to get some video footage of your children, if you can.)
  4. Arriving at school: If you’re able to stop by your children’s school, don’t forget to grab a few quick shots of your kids interacting with friends or just taking in school on the first day.
  5. Meeting the new teacher: Take a photo of your children’s teachers meeting your little ones for the first time.
  6. Coming home after school: It’s only been a few hours, but they’ve probably got stories to tell and new projects to share. So pull out the camera or smartphone one more time to capture a photo of your kids coming home after their very first day.

Once you’ve collected your first-day photos, you can print them out to save for the future, or turn them into a video like the one below to share on social media:

Song: “Coming Back” by Mark Buergler

One final suggestion: Save that first-day-of-school outfit and (if it still fits) have your child try it on again at the end of the year. You can take a quick photo to compare to your images for the start of the year and show your child how much he or she has grown.

What photos are you planning to take on the first day of school? Share your ideas in the comments below, or reach out of Facebook or Twitter by tagging @Animoto.