Making a Trash the Dress Video



Trash the Dress is a photo shoot some couples opt for after the wedding and honeymoon.  The bride dons her gorgeous dress one last time, and–you guessed it–trashes it.

We all know a wedding dress can cost a small fortune, but for those who do Trash the Dress, it all boils down to one question: when are you ever going to wear that dress again?

Trash the Dress

Here are a few ideas for how to share your post-wedding bliss in a video:

Location, Location, Location
If you do a little research, you’ll find that most Trash the Dress experiences take place in front of a stunning backdrop.  During the shoot, really use what is around you: run through the trees, or wade into the lake. Afterward, when you’re creating your video, consider using an establishing shot to showcase your beautiful location.

Include Video Clips
If you’ve been reading this blog long enough, you know that some of the most engaging videos include video clips in addition to photos. Ask your photographer if he or she can take video clips during the shoot. A behind-the-scenes clip of you putting the dress on again, as well as clips of you sharing kisses with your spouse or jumping in the air, will bring out the emotion in your video.

Have fun!
Trash the Dress is all about celebrating your new marriage, and more importantly, the end of wedding-planning stress! Give yourself permission to act like a kid.  If you feel like running, run! If you want to jump in that mud puddle, or trail your dress through the foam of ocean waves, do it.

This video by Rob Adams and Vanessa Joy is an example of how you can transform a fun Trash the Dress session into an awesome video:

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