Recapping Your Honeymoon with a Video Slideshow

Becky Brooks


Honeymoons are meant to be remembered forever and shared with loved ones who were there to cheer you on your big day. Find out how you can make a honeymoon slideshow with music that helps friends and family feel a part of your adventure together.

Your phone is your friend

Your mobile phone is handy, not cumbersome, and takes surprisingly awesome photos and video.

Save time by posting your memories to Instagram while on vacation then quickly upload them to Animoto when you get home. All of the photos are in one place so now all you have to do is add captions, choose a video style and add a song.

Get tons of photos together

You can’t have enough photos of you and your new spouse enjoying your time away from it all. Have no shame in asking others to take your photo together when at a completely beautiful location. Or just because.

If you are traveling someplace quasi-deserted, considering renting/getting a wide-angle lens (they even make them for mobile phones). These come in handy for when taking some selfies.

Be concise if sharing

There’s no reason to show all the photos and clips you took in your video. In fact, you’re more likely to tell the story of your honeymoon in a compelling way if you don’t have tons of photos that look similar to one another or don’t really tell the story of your honeymoon.

Choose the best ones that help tell your story (e.g. establishing shots, shots of the two of you, etc.) and aim for 3-4 minutes or less if you plan on sharing the video with friends and family who may not have the time to sit through all of the photos from your trip.

Include video clips

Video fills up your memory card faster than photos, but video clips add so much to your Animoto video. Whether you have a GoPro to shoot underwater footage, an iPhone/Android or a DSLR, press record and capture some greatness.

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