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The Importance of the Video Style to Your Video Slideshow

Becky Brooks

Animoto Video Styles

Animoto has dozens of video styles designed to turn your video slideshows into mini-works of art.

Here’s a short explanation of the Animoto video style and why it’s an integral part of your videos.

The video style you select determines the look and feel of your video. Think of it as packaging. Each video style contains unique effects, backgrounds and transitions. The style is merged with your photos, video clips and music to create a unique, personalized Animoto video.

Some styles are abstract while others are themed for a special occasion or time of year. Here are just two examples of the same exact content in two very different styles:

Video Style: Simplicity

Video Style: Retro Wheel

The video styles are unique to Animoto.

Every single one of our styles is created by our professional motion designers. Our designers work to create compelling styles that will help you accomplish your goals – from telling a story to selling something with video and everything in-between.

You can create a free Animoto video on your computer or using your iPhone. Start by choosing the style that matches what you want to express. You can preview all the styles before selecting one.

Once you have a look at our style library, let us know which one is your favorite – send us a tweet or comment on Facebook. We’d love to hear from you!

Check out our style library when you make a free video slideshow