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Sharing Your Animoto Video

Lauren Colman


Why keep your awesome video to yourself? Animoto makes it easy to share your video on social media, embed it on your webpage, or export it to YouTube or other sites. Take a look at a few of the ways you can share your videos without ever leaving Animoto.

Sharing to Facebook

Take out the extra steps in posting to Facebook, and share native video straight from Animoto. Just select the Facebook icon (under Share to the right of your video), and we’ll pull in the title and video description automatically and even let you tag your Facebook friends in your video before posting. Find out more about posting native video to Facebook here.

Sharing Your Animoto Video to Facebook

Sharing to Twitter

Tweets are a fun spontaneous way to share — so why wait until you’re in Twitter to write one? You can post the link to your video straight from Animoto, and you can even customize your tweet before sending so you can add hashtags or a description of what you’re sharing.

Sharing Your Animoto Video to Twitter

Sharing to Instagram

We recently launched three Instagram-ready styles that you can upload straight from the Animoto app. Create a short video on your smartphone or tablet, click share, and Animoto will open up Instagram for you, letting you share your video with no delay.

Share Your Animoto Video to Instagram


Whether you’re looking to share through YouTube, Tumblr, or Pinterest, there’s a simpler way to upload videos — just head to the Share section. The sites that see the most traffic, like YouTube, are listed first, and additional options appear when you click “More.” Select the site you want to share to, and your video will be uploaded in minutes. Tip: Be sure to upgrade your video to HD before exporting for the best playback experience.

Share Your Animoto Video

After you export you’ll see a checkmark next to that service in the Share section, letting you know exactly where you’ve posted your video.

Sharing Your Animoto Video


Need to add your video to your website? If you use WordPress, adding an Animoto video is a snap. Take a look at our instructions for easy WordPress embedding. But if you’re not a WordPress person, it’s still pretty darn easy to embed an Animoto video on your site. Grab the HTML code from the Share section of the play page to incorporate your Animoto video in your webpage. You can adjust settings like size and quality, and even add a call-to-action button at the end of your video. Then, just copy and paste the code wherever your site or blog accepts HTML.

Sharing Your Animoto Video

How are you sharing your videos? Let us know in the comments below, or reach out on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram by using hashtag #MyAnimoto.