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How To Customize DVDs: 4 Ideas

Megan Etzel


Ever wanted to make a custom case for your DVDs?

The video you’ve created for yourself, your family, or a client using Animoto is awesome, so you’ve already burned it to a DVD. However, if your DVD seems to be missing that little something extra, have no fear. We’re here with a few suggestions on how to turn that DVD case into something special.

  1. White House Custom Color

Our friends over at White House Custom Color do some seriously impressive stuff when it comes to custom CD and DVD cases.

Add your favorite photo as the cover image of the case and make it really standout and look special.

2. Kodak Gallery Books

Kodak Gallery Photo Books

Don’t want to separate the Animoto video from the rest of the pictures? Include the DVD with a hardcover photobook from Kodak Gallery! Our favorite method has been to glue a DVD sleeve (a thin paper or plastic one) to the inside cover.

Etsy Logo
  1. Etsy

We’re always amazed at the quality and variety of products found on online marketplace Etsy, and so it should be no surprise that there are Etsy shops with some gorgeous and unique DVD cases.

4. Make Your Own!

When it comes to making your own, eHow has a great tutorial on how to create your own DVD case.

Once the case is finished, be sure to check out some ways to create custom DVD labels. You can make your own on many programs found on your own computer, or order them online through sites such as My Own Labels. If you’re a Photoshop user, Adobe has tutorials on how to create your own DVD labels in Photoshop as well.

Do you have any other suggestions for DVD cases? Have shots of some great custom DVDs you’ve created? Let us know!


Custom cases is great when you’d like to gift your DVD. Learn more how your pro photography business can benefit from video slideshows.