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Kent and Sarah Smith: Featured Pro Photographers in Animoto Ad Campaign

Jason Hsiao


We’re proud to announce Kent and Sarah Smith as our 8th featured photographers in our ad campaign!

Kent and Sarah Smith have been in the professional photography business for over 20 years. Now that they have Animoto in their lives, they not only produce stunning video from their photography, but they actually have more time to focus on their business, their clients, and more time to reconnect with their passions: photography and, of course, each other.

Kent Smith Photography of Pickerington, Ohio is one of the most award winning studios in the state. Between them, Kent and Sarah Smith have been named “Photographer of the Year” across a six-state region 4 times. Their work has been featured at Disney’s Epcot Center, used by Kodak in national advertising campaigns, has appeared in photography trade magazines, and has been seen on Entertainment Tonight, HBO specials along with many an-Animoto video.

Learn more about how Kent and Sarah use video to help their photography studio.

Animoto Photography Campaign Kent and Sarah Smith