6 Ideas for Promoting School Events and Achievements with Video

Moira West


Any time you need to create a quick promo and want lots of people to see it, a video list, like the school promo video template, is a good choice. Take a look at a few of the ways you can adapt this storyboard to communicate with your school community on social media.

6 Ideas for Promoting School Events and Achievements with Video

1. Advertising fundraisers: Layout how you plan to use your donations or give reasons why your school community should give their money or time to your cause.

2. Recruiting for clubs and teams: Let students know why they should come out for chess club or sign up for soccer with a short list sharing the benefits of your club or team.

3. Prepping parents for parent-teacher conferences: Give parents tips for making the most of parent-teacher conferences or back-to-school nights with video.

4. Promoting school events: Get the school out to support your teams or arts clubs with a short video hyping up games, matches, or performances.

5. Sharing alumni success stories: Colleges, universities, and even private schools can use video to relate how former students are succeeding with an excellent education under their belts. Or try promoting events for alumni (or alumnae) with special videos geared directly toward them, as Divine Savior Holy Angels High School does below:

6. Publicizing PTA activities: Make the PTA minutes more interesting with a video rundown of the most recent meeting, or just let the Parent-Teacher Association point out all they’ve accomplished for the school (and why parents should sign up!)

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