Watch: Social Video Insights from Vanessa Joy on Video Talk Live

Megan O'Neill


Did you tune in earlier this week for the first Video Talk Live of 2018? Animoto Chief Video Officer Jason Hsiao sat down with wedding photographer entrepreneur, and business coach, Vanessa Joy, and you can rewatch the live broadcast—or watch it for the first time—on Facebook or right here.

In the episode, Jason and Vanessa chat about how to create visually compelling videos for social media for your business. Check it out, and then read on for a few highlights:

In the episode, Jason and Vanessa chat about how to create visually compelling videos for social media for your business. Here are a few highlights:

Making your social media presence visually compelling

Vanessa dives right in to share some tips for making your social media presence feel on-brand, cohesive, and visually compelling. She recommends you “look at the big picture.” Make sure your shots have a similar look and feel so that they match, and vary your shots remembering to get a mix of close ups, medium, and wide shots.

Looking for more tips for building a cohesive look and feel for your brand? Check out Vanessa’s ebook, 9 Secret Ways to Brand Your Business.

Shooting better video clips

Vanessa also dove into tips for shooting better video. Photos are easy because they capture a brief moment of time, says Vanessa. “Video is harder because you have to stand still” so the image doesn’t look shaky. She recommends leaning on something, putting your elbows down to brace yourself, and holding your breath. Also, she points out that you don’t need fancy equipment—you can get started with your smartphone.

Editing for social

Vanessa also shares some components of a successful social video:

  • Use text: 85% of people are watching videos on social media without sound. Use text to grab their attention so they understand your story.

  • Keep your cuts short: Vanessa recommends keeping each image or video clip super short—2 to 3 seconds max, or even shorter.

  • Bounce the eyes: Vanessa shares a tip called “bouncing the eyes.” Change the focal point from shot to shot because if the viewer’s eye stays in the same spot it’s visually boring. “Bounce the eyes around the screen and it keeps people engaged subconsciously,” she says.

  • Choose your music wisely: Once people do turn their sound on, music is very important. Vanessa says, “music can drive what you’re selling so much more than visuals alone,” so set the tone with a song that matches the mood of your video.

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