3 Tips for Shooting Better Videos & Photos for Real Estate

Megan O'Neill


Last week we shared three tips for using Animoto for real estate from Jeff Lobb, founder and CEO of Sparktank Media. Today, we’re excited to share more tips from Jeff. This time, he’s shared his tips for shooting better videos and photos for real estate.

Think about lighting

Jeff explains that, “lighting is very important in a home. A lot of us make the mistake of shooting into the light. You should always have the light behind you to get that natural light coming into the room.” Our blog post DSLR Photography 101: Indoor Lighting offers up some tips on how to best utilize natural light when shooting interiors.

Stabilize your camera or mobile device

“There’s way too much shake going on,” says Jeff. He recommends using a tripod or a gimbal for keeping your camera or mobile device from shaking. However, if you don’t have access to this equipment there are ways to stand to keep your footage more stable. “Use those elbows, tuck them in, anchor them down,” Jeff recommends.

Keep it short

Finally, Jeff emphasizes the importance of keeping your videos short. He says, “People sometimes take too many photos because it’s so easy to do on a digital camera or mobile device. You don’t need to use every photo you have. Pick the best ones you have.” Use those videos to create a short video, 30-60 seconds at most.

What tools or devices do you use to shoot your photos and videos for real estate? Let us know in the comments below.

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