Real Estate Agents: Don’t Just Sell Homes, Sell Yourself With Video

Megan O'Neill


Last month at Inman’s Real Estate Connect conference in NYC, realtors and brokers from across the country agreed that video is no longer optional when it comes to selling properties. John Passerini of Sotheby’s International Realty put it this way: Video is “the way [consumers] want to experience properties.” But, as a real estate agent, it’s important to understand that video isn’t only great for selling homes – it’s the key to building your personal brand and your client base by selling yourself.

Leigh Brown, the self-proclaimed “No BS Realtor” from Greater Charlotte, NC, said in a talk on How I Use Video To Sell Houses, “I don’t use video to sell houses; I use video to sell myself.” She explains that, as a realtor, “you are the product.” Through your videos you have the opportunity not only to showcase the property you are trying to sell, but also to showcase yourself as an expert in your market.

Leigh explains that, in using video, you “attract clients who are a good fit with you.” This savvy real estate agent uses video to show off her personality through a mix of candid “no BS” quips, personal insights into the real estate industry, tips for buyers and sellers, tips for realtors, neighborhood videos, and more. Through watching her videos, you not only get a wonderful sense of Leigh’s quirky and outgoing personality and what it might be like to work with her (not to mention a good, hearty chuckle or two), but also of her expertise.

Use the examples in this post as inspiration for kickstarting your own online video presence. If you’re already using video to sell yourself as a realtor or broker share your videos with us on our Facebook page or in the comments below.

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