How to Use Animoto’s Social-Friendly Explainer Video Storyboards

Megan O'Neill


Earlier this month we released three brand new explainer video pre-built storyboards, designed to match the style of big brands and publishers on Facebook. These storyboards were built with social media best practices in mind and each tells a unique story.

Explainer Video Storyboards

To help you be successful, we’ve compiled some tips for how to approach using each storyboard—and notes on how they’re each designed for success. Read on to learn more and head over to Facebook to watch a demo of these storyboards by Sally from the Animoto team.

Real Estate Explainer

Our Real Estate Explainer storyboard, which you can click here to customize, is built off the idea that in today’s world of short attention spans you only have a few seconds to capture your audience. Because the first 3 to 6 seconds of your video are the most important, starting out with something interesting, startling, or surprising is a nice way to capture attention in the news feed.

Our storyboard is built around a surprising real estate statistic—over 7 million homes will be sold in the US this year. However, you can customize this storyboard to fit any type of business. Approach this storyboard by first coming up with a statement about your specific industry that would surprise viewers and tell your story from there.

Tell A Travel Story

This storyboard was specifically designed to look like the successful editorial-style videos the big brands you see on Facebook are sharing. It’s great for telling the story behind your brand—what you’re most passionate about when it comes to your business. You can customize it here.

This storyboard doesn’t have to be about travel. It can be about anything, including your product. In fact, it may help you to think of the the volcanic island in the storyboard as a product and sub in your product. Where the storyboard starts out with “This volcanic island is an adventurer’s dream” you can create your own fill-in-the-blank statment, “This ____ is _____.” It could be anything from “This gourmet soup looks good enough to eat” to “These jeans are designed in Italy,” or anything in between.

Wellness Explainer

Last but not least, our Wellness Explainer, which you can customize here, is designed to make it easy to jump on a trend related to your product or industry.

Just change out “tumeric” with whatever it is you do. Instead of “Why is everyone obsessed with tumeric?” you could ask, “Why is everyone obsessed with coffee?” or “Why is everyone obsessed with vegan skincare?” Then, think about what makes you passionate about your product and include those ideas in your video.

When you’ve finished your video, we’d love to see it! Share it with us in our closed Facebook community, the Animoto Social Video Marketing Community

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