4 Fresh Color Combos to Try in Your Holiday Marketing [Infographic]

Moira West


When you’re looking at holiday marketing online, it usually has two things in common — red and green. Creating marketing that gives viewers a holiday feeling without relying on just those two colors can help elevate your business, letting it stand out in the sea of red and green promos.

That’s why we asked our designers to come up with 4 new holiday and winter-themed color palettes for you to try. Take a look at their suggestions, shown above the Hex color codes that’ll let you add them to your next project in Animoto.

What inspired the color palettes you designed?

The goal when developing these color palettes was to step outside the traditional mindset of red and green, and think about what else the holiday season represents. There are so many traditions, emotions, objects that are associated with winter time and the holiday season. I tried to bring some of that into these color palettes.

How would you recommend using these colors?

An easy design guideline to follow is to use darker colors for backgrounds and lighter colors for text or any design elements you have. The goal should be to create enough contrast in your design so that everything is clear, and the right elements stand out. I included one bright accent color in each palette, the goal for these colors is to use them sparingly, but when you need to provide a little extra flare to a design or decorative element. For example, the gold in Winter Chill would be considered an accent color.

Is it best to match images to the color palette?

I don’t think matching images to the colors is necessary. But if you feel that the majority of your photos tend to use certain colors — for example, if everyone is wearing red sweaters around the Christmas Tree — I’d try to go with a more neutral color palette. Try colors like those in Season of Giving or Winter Chill, so that the bright red isn’t clashing with any other bright colors.

Any other tips to keep in mind?

One thing to remember is, you don’t need to use every color. If you have images with a lot going on, I’d suggest picking 2 to 3 colors at most so that your visuals aren’t overwhelming. But if the majority of your design relies on text or graphic elements — say for a holiday party invitation — you have more freedom to use more colors at once.

Basically, focus on simplicity. Pick colors that speak to you in terms of what the holiday season means to you or the message that you would like to share, and you’ll be on the right track.


Which holiday color palette is your favorite? Reach out on Facebook or Twitter to tell us know what you think! And if you’d like more holiday marketing inspiration, jump into our Holiday Marketing Playbook to get tips on creating videos that stand out on social media.

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