Introducing Clean Lines: A New Style Designed with Real Estate Agents in Mind

Megan O'Neill


Here at Animoto, our motion designers are constantly brainstorming new video styles to suit a wide range of needs. Our styles run the gamut, from holiday-themed to kid-friendly to business-friendly, and a whole lot in between. Some styles are best suited for a certain type of video, while others are universally adaptable. Our latest style, Clean Lines, is one of those styles that could work with any genre of video, but works particularly well for marketing real estate.

As its name suggests, Clean Lines is a classic, architectural style that showcases several photos in a single frame. From the way the captions are framed, to the smooth transitions, this style works well for when you don’t want the background to distract from your photos.

Take a look at how the style is used in the following video to market a high-end property in Hawaii:

Clean Lines is an elegant style that’s versatile, making it ideal for videos to promote upscale events or showcase products, and is available to anyone with our Professional or Business Plan. Find out more about plans and pricing on our website. How are you planning to use this new video style? Let us know in the comments below.

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