3 Tips for Using Animoto for Real Estate from Jeff Lobb

Megan O'Neill


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“As a real estate professional, you need to be different. You also need to be mobile, memorable, and visual,” says Jeff Lobb, founder and CEO of Sparktank Media. “Animoto is all of that. I love Animoto for what it brings to me and you’ll love it too.”

We had the opportunity to sit down with Jeff and he shared three of his favorite tips for using Animoto for real estate.

Wow new sellers with a same-day video

Jeff Lobb suggests using video starting on the day of your first listing appointment to wow new customers. When you go see the property, shoot some photos and videos as you look around. Then, Jeff says, “Literally go out to the car, go back to your office, create a 30-second Animoto video and send it to the customer by text or email.” This’ll show them that you’re serious, that you know how to market, and will give them a taste of what you have to offer.

Download videos for on-the-go marketing

Jeff recommends, “Have one really good HD-quality video on your iPad or tablet, downloaded — not streaming.” This will ensure that you’re able to show off videos of your properties wherever you are — at listing presentations, in-person meetings, or on-the go — whether or not you have internet access. These videos can be great not only for sharing properties with buyers, but also for showcasing the great work you do with video marketing for new potential clients.

Close the deal with a gift

Finally, Jeff likes to use video as a friendly parting gift. “When you work with buyers, you’re always working on giving them some kind of gift to take away,” he says. “I say, give them the gift of their home.” He suggests creating an elegant Animoto video with photographs and video clips of their new home. Don’t forget to include a slide with your face, logo, branding, and website!

How do you use video for your real estate business? Share your ideas in the comments or reach out on Facebook or Twitter.

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