The 2016 Social Video Marketing & Advertising Forecast [White Paper]

Megan O'Neill


Video is taking social media by storm. Curious how you and your business stack up to other small businesses (SMBs) and marketers when it comes to video marketing and advertising?

White Paper Social Video

Earlier this year we surveyed 1,000 professional marketers and 1,000 small business owners to find out how they’re using video. We compiled some of the findings in an infographic, which released on our blog in June. Since then, we’ve taken a deeper dive into the stats and put together an 18-page white paper featuring an in-depth look into how video is being used today and what the future holds.

Check out some of the highlights and click below to download the full guide to find out more about what’s motivating marketers and SMB owners to use video, how they’re creating and distributing content, how they’re measuring ROI, and more.

Animoto White Paper Highlights

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