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How to Use Haul Videos to Boost Your Brand


Even though they started to gain popularity between 2008 and 2016, haul videos are still popular to this day!

There's more to haul videos than what meets the eye. You might think it's just a fun way to show off your cool new stuff, but it's an effective marketing strategy that has connected millions of content creators with their growing audiences and boosted brand awareness over the years.

Whether you watch hauls on the regular or are just stumbling across them for the first time now, stick around to learn how you can use them as a way to boost your brand.

haul videos to boost your brand

What is a haul video?

Remember when you came home from the mall and showed your friends and family what you bought that day? A haul video is simply that but posted to the Internet for everyone to see.

Hauls have been a growing trend for over a decade now. And the best part is that anyone can do it. Whether it's a clothing haul, a grocery haul, or a beauty hall, people are interested in seeing what others buy.

It's a fun and interactive way to see what's trending all while getting an authentic glimpse into the lifestyle of the person you're watching.

What is the purpose of a haul video?

Haul videos are meant to show off new purchases. Although you'll likely see people giving their opinions on certain products in a haul, it's very different from a review video.

In fact, haul videos rarely feature negative statements about the products. This aspect of haul videos is ideal for sponsorships and is why brand advertisers tend to capitalize on this format.

Haul videos attract a lot of viewers because they are usually posted by influencers or content creators with large followings. If an audience has a good rapport with the person posting the haul, they're more likely to trust that the product is worth buying.

The benefits of using haul videos in your marketing strategy

The best part about haul videos is that they apply to any niche. No matter what your product is, a haul video could be a great marketing strategy for you. Reaching out to influencers that share your target demographic is your best bet when thinking of your upcoming market strategy.

Hauls are a great addition to any marketing strategy since they tend to focus on specific product launches or targeted campaigns.

In the age of online shopping, not physically seeing the product is a big barrier for customers. Haul videos are a great remedy for that. They offer a genuine look at the full potential of your products in ways that traditional ads typically can’t.

Popular haul video types that drive brand awareness and sales

There are many different types of haul videos that will be useful for your video marketing strategy. Here's a list of the most popular haul videos to help you get some inspiration:

Product haul videos

Product haul videos have the potential to span any niche. There's a product haul video for every consumer, from pet products to wellness products and everything in between.

This is your chance to infiltrate new audiences with your targeted niche.

Shopping haul videos

Shopping haul videos are fun because viewers can vicariously shop by watching their favorite influencer's haul.

These videos also influence shopping habits and entice viewers to become in the shopping mood. Because of this, they're super effective for brand awareness and sales.

Clothing haul videos

In 2018, more than half of influencer haul videos on YouTube were about clothing purchases.

Aside from their popularity, clothing hauls are great because you can promote a new collection or sale and offer a promotion code.

Try on haul videos

“Try on” hauls take clothing hauls to the next level. They're a lot of fun and inspire viewers by showing different ways to style their next clothing purchase.

Beauty haul videos

Consulting a beauty haul before purchasing a new product is extremely useful because you can often see different swatches, shades, and pigments tested on other people.

Not to mention, beauty products tend to be expensive so consumers are more likely to do a bit of research before pulling the trigger on their big purchase.

Unboxing vs haul video: what's the difference?

Unboxing and haul videos are pretty similar. The main difference boils down to the viewer experience.

Unboxing videos will feature a creator receiving one or more packages in the mail and unboxing them for the first time "with" their viewers.

The novelty here is that both the creator and the audience are opening the package for the first time. Sometimes, the creator doesn't even know what they're about to open, making for a fun and exciting experience!

On the other hand, haul videos will likely include the shopping experience (whether it was in person or online) and the creator showing their viewers what they got.

In haul videos, creators usually get to choose the items they are showing, whether they are gifted or not. Unboxing videos tend to be more like surprises—think of it as opening a gift on Christmas day. The reaction is arguably better than the gift itself. Haul videos tend to showcase multiple products while unboxing videos focus on a single product.

Ways to use haul videos in your marketing strategy

On the surface, haul videos might seem like some fun content showing off someone's new clothes, but in reality, they're a great way to advertise your products through user-generated content that appears to be very authentic.

Your viewers will either come from people who actively seek out hauls because they want to buy a product or from influencers’ followers who watch all their content.

Either way, the best approach is to partner up with influencers that already have a strong community of followers. You'll be able to tap into a potentially new audience that still has high purchase intent due to the niche followers that some influencers have.

3 tips for creating an effective haul video

Haul videos are great in theory but there are still some things to consider when making an effective video. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

1. Set a reasonable budget

It's easy to overdo it when it comes to hauls.

Make sure to set a reasonable budget and stick to it by only choosing must-have products. There's a fine line between being relatable and bragging when it comes to these kinds of things.

2. Stay concise

Since you're talking about a lot of products in a row, you'll want to remain concise and hit the key points to keep it entertaining.

Your audience will thank you in the long run!

3. Offer an affiliate link or discount code for your viewers

Your audience is watching because they're interested in your haul, but you should also consider offering them an affiliate link or discount code as a thank you for clicking on your video. This is also a great way to foster partnerships between influencers and brands.

How to make a haul video with Animoto

So you have the products for your haul, but how can you make sure you'll end up with an engaging video?

Using Animoto is free and super easy to get started. You can either make a video from scratch or get a head start with one of our time-saving video templates.

Try using a template that fits the type of haul you're looking to make. For example, if you want to film a clothing haul, the Fashion Lookbook template would be a great place to start.

If you need help don't hesitate to consult our tutorials. All your questions can be answered there.

A haul video example to inspire you

If you're struggling to know where to start, try turning to examples online to gain some inspiration.

This try-on haul is a great example since it focuses on one brand and was posted to promote their sale and giveaway.

Try it out for yourself

Now that you know everything about video hauls, it's time to get started on your own!

There are so many haul videos out there on the Internet. What will make yours stand out from the rest? Dare to be different—we're looking forward to seeing what you come up with!