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Finding High-Quality Stock for Any Occasion from A-Z

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Creativity knows no bounds with our Getty Images stock library. With more than 1 million photos and videos offered in our Select stock library and 100 million+ photos and videos available through our Premium stock library, you can easily create heart-warming, humorous, and helpful videos your friends and family will love.

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You can use photos and videos entirely from our stock library or you can combine our media with your own photos and videos. Not sure where to start? We’ve compiled a list of search terms from A-Z to help you find the photos and videos that best suit your personal video-making needs.

Pro tip: Use these search terms as a starting point and get specific according to your needs. For example, start with the search term “traveling.” From there, add keywords to narrow down your search, like “traveling in Europe” or “traveling by boat.”

Search terms from A-Z

A - Anniversary - Anniversaries are important and should be recognized as such. Create a video with photos of the couple and add sweet clips from the stock library, like a dreamy string of white lights or a celebratory champagne toast.

Make your anniversary video creation even easier with our Anniversary Celebration template.

B - Birthday Animoto birthday videos are hugely popular –– and for good reason. From bright photos of birthday cakes and balloons to videos of festive confetti and friends celebrating, our stock library will help you spread the birthday love. Give our Happy Birthday Slideshow template a try and make someone’s day.

C - Christmas If you haven’t yet, this is the year to get on board with the virtual Christmas card. Create a dynamic Christmas card and incorporate photos and videos from our stock library to get in the holiday spirit. We recommend adding a photo of your family on one side of your block and a dynamic holiday video from our stock library on the opposite side, like the video below.

D - Dancing Hosting a party? Get all your guests in the mood to boogie with a video preview of the good time yet to come! Incorporate photos and videos of folks cutting a rug from the stock library into our Event RSVP template.

E - Exercising Whether promoting your personal fitness brand or creating a video to motivate yourself and your friends to commit to daily movement, our stock library offers photos and videos with physical activity ranging from running and stretching to strength training and biking. Search for your favorite moves and add them to your video!


F - Festivals From carnivals to music fests, this search highlights the best of summer, nostalgia, and youthful bliss. Include photos and videos from this search to create a summer recap video or use our Top 5 List template to build hype for an upcoming event.

G - Graduation Whether middle school, high school, or college, the graduate in your life deserves congratulations and warm wishes for the future! Use our Graduation Message template and choose a celebratory background image. Add some text with words of encouragement, a smattering of confetti, and some photos of the graduate.

H - Holidays Get your friends and family excited to celebrate at your upcoming holiday party by incorporating video clips from the stock library into your Holiday Event Invitations. We recommend including a festive holiday video with room for text in the center of your block, like the below example.

I - Interior design Use this search term to make all of your Pinterest dreams come true. From modern minimalist to rustic farmhouse and every design concept in between, the Getty Images stock library can help you conceptualize your next renovation. Create a video and bounce ideas back and forth with friends, your contractor, or your interior designer.

Interior Design

J - Joking The results from this search will keep you smiling for days. From dogs wearing sunglasses and riding in bicycle baskets to confused kittens, we’d be remiss if we kept this search term off the list. We recommend using this search for light-hearted birthday videos and sweet “thinking of you” and “get well soon” messages.

K - Kids at school Keeping kids engaged is a challenge. If you’re a teacher, librarian, school counselor, or anyone who creates videos for kids, we’re confident you’ll benefit from the photos and videos in our stock library. Our content is bright, colorful, relatable, and will help your students pay attention through the entirety of your video. Use our Back to School Greeting template and customize the images, videos, and text as necessary.


L - Laughter There’s something about seeing other people happy that automatically sparks joy. Whether you’re creating a video to cheer someone up, or you want to let them know you’re thinking of them, we always encourage including photos and videos of laughter. Case in point: this adorable example.


M - Marriage Still waiting to get all of your wedding photos back from your photographer but anxious to share some highlights from the big day? We can help! Incorporate some snapshots from your wedding day with some photos and videos from our stock library. You’ll create a teaser video that will leave friends and family excited to see more.


N - Night time Content from this search term could be applied to nearly any video. Making an engagement video? Include images of a romantic, starry night sky. Creating a travel video? Use a clip of an airplane making its way past a sleepy sunset. Incorporating elements like this can give your video a dreamy, whimsical feel.

O - Ocean Whether you want to create a Vacation Recap video or use a photo or a video of the ocean as a backdrop for a Motivational Quote video, this search term is as versatile as the results are beautiful.

P - Playing Hosting an after-school event, a day camp, or a youth sporting event? Promote it with a video highlighting the fun yet to come. With lively photos of kids playing tag and soccer or videos of classmates skipping down the halls or going down the slide, our stock library offers photos and videos that will get little ones excited to socialize!

Q - Quiet time Sometimes, all you need is a photo or video that embodies all things calm, quiet, and serene. Our Getty Images stock library includes peaceful moments like meditation, rest, and gentle scenes like ocean waves, lush forests, and peaceful waterfalls. Whether making a video to encourage self-care or a reminder to take a minute out of your day for deep breathing, we have the content you need to feel tranquil.

R - Retirement Retirement is a massive milestone that deserves to be celebrated. Whether celebrating a co-worker, a family member, or a friend, our stock library offers photos and videos both in and out of the workplace that will capture the joy and gratitude of this occasion.

S - Seasons Keep your videos timely by adding in seasonal photos and videos from our stock library. Creating a springtime brunch invite? Get specific and search “spring flowers” or “spring weather.” Making a video of what you’re grateful for in preparation for Thanksgiving? Search “fall foliage” or “autumn day.” No matter the season, our selection of photos and videos ranges from blizzards to blistering heat and everything in between.

T - Traveling They say it’s about the journey, not the destination, but why not highlight both? Choose a template that best suits your needs and edit the text and images accordingly. We recommend adding photos from your vacation and including stock video clips of how you got from point A to point B. We also have high-quality images of major landmarks, so if you didn’t have time to take a photo of the Statue of Liberty, we’ve got you covered.


U - Underwater From swimming, snorkeling, and diving to admiring coral reefs and schools of fish, our stock library has aquatic content that will make you want to sign up for SCUBA lessons. These photos and videos are great to prepare for an excursion to the aquarium, a weekend at the beach, or a tropical vacation.

V - Vacation Sometimes, it’s hard to put the beauty of vacation into words, but don’t worry - you don’t have to! Our extensive stock library offers photos and videos to highlight or recap your vacation. Make sure to get specific with this search depending on your destination, travel activities, etc. If you went skiing with your friends try using the search terms “skiing on vacation” or “vacation ski resort.”

W - Work from home Working from home has become the new norm and the plethora of WFH photos and videos in our Getty Images stock library reinforces that. If you’ve become a work from home expert, share your best tips by using our Top 5 Tips for Working Remotely template in combination with some of your own work from home photos and some of our stock photos and videos.

X - Xreme - Okay, so we’re going out on a limb with this one. (X is a tough letter!) However, despite the unconventional spelling, the Getty Images stock library still garners excellent results. You’ll find gorgeous photos and videos of extreme sports, ranging from open water swimming and surfing to mountain biking and rock climbing. This search is not for the faint of heart.


Y - Yoga Putting yourself first isn’t always easy. Make it a bit easier with a video reminder. Whether inviting friends, family, or coworkers to join in on your weekly practice, our yoga stock photos and videos will inspire you to get on the mat and treat yourself to the peace of mind you deserve.


Z - Zoo animals This search term is bursting with cuteness. From birthday parties and baby showers to preparing students for a field trip, the photo and video results from this search give you tons of options to create adorable and engaging content. I mean… need we say more?


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