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6 Halloween Video Ideas for Your Business

Moira West


Halloween gives your business a chance to show off it’s playful side. Costumes, candy, and kids all give you lots of room to get creative. And videos with fall colors, a spooky soundtrack, or seasonal images can help your Halloween content stand out. If you need a little inspiration, check out these 6 easy Halloween videos you can make for your business.

Halloween Video Ideas business

Halloween Video Idea #1: Promote your business

Help your business get in the Halloween spirit. Add photos of your Halloween-themed products or use Halloween stock photos. Then add a seasonal color scheme to set the mood. In a few minutes, you can have an eye-catching video, like this one from real estate agent Kathy Lewis, to post on social.

Halloween Video Idea #2: Advertise a sale

Though Halloween isn’t always a traditional time for sales, it can give you a quick way to boost your business. For example, the Beauty Marketing Agency put together this video for a flash sale, just in time for Halloween. With on-brand colors and holiday-appropriate messaging, it gave them a fast way to promote their email list services.

If you’re looking for a place to start, try out one of our promo templates, like the attention-grabbing Seasonal Sale promo shown below.

Halloween Video Idea #3: How-to or DIY post

In the lead up to Halloween, audiences are on the lookout for fun DIY projects. Try posting recipes, makeup tutorials, or any other how-to topic that might relate to your brand. It’ll get viewers excited—and make the want to share your content.

Halloween Video Idea #4: Event recap

October is full of exciting events—hayrides, haunted houses, pumpkin patches. If you’re hosting an event, a video can let you recap all the seasonal highlights. Share it with followers on social media to spread the word about your business or organization, as Rescue Ridge Adoption did in their dog costume party recap, featured below.

Halloween Video Idea #5: Entertaining post for Facebook or Instagram

Audiences on social love a clever story or interesting information. So share your Halloween fun facts to get attention for your business. Take your inspiration from The Irish Jewelry Company, which posted some spooky Irish Halloween traditions on their Facebook page, and got 1.3 million views and 60,000 shares from just one video!

Halloween Video Idea #6: Behind the scenes

Show the effort that goes into making your Halloween-themed event, product, or service by taking viewers behind the scenes. To get audiences ready for the Mt. Holly Pumpkin Festival in New Jersey, video journalist and documentary filmmaker, Gayatri Kaul, visited Rich and Deanna Denisar, the event’s hosts. She took viewers behind the scenes to show off the Denisar’s Magical Pumpkin Machine — a homemade machine that will hollow out 1,000 pumpkins for carving this year.

Halloween offers lots of ways to engage your audience and get them to share your content or send you business. How will you promote your brand this Halloween?