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7 Upbeat, Commercial Songs for Your Next Advertising Video on IG Stories

Cyndi Knapic


Selecting the right background music for videos on IG stories can really emphasize your marketing messages.

However, the native Instagram music sticker that people use to add songs to their IG stories is only available from personal Instagram accounts, and not in Instagram business accounts due to licensing and copyright concerns.

Don’t worry! You can still add background music to your next video ad or IG story that’s licensed for commercial use. Simply add a song to your video projects in Animoto before uploading them to Instagram.

Suggested Songs for IG Stories

Here are 7 high energy songs that work well for all different kinds of business categories. Check them out in video countdown below, and then bookmark this list to help you find a track that’s right for your next advertising or marketing video.

“Cheer Up (Instrumental)” by Fab Claxton A fast paced drum and guitar beat that's great for storytelling. Use it to bring energy to your video advertisements, commercials, and general upbeat marketing messages.

“Toughen Up (Instrumental)” by Taylor Coggins Send the message that you mean business with strong beats and electric sounds. Try it for messaging that suggests a sense of toughness, attention-to-detail, and precision. Great for industries like home and garden, automotives, and financial services.

“Future Sync” by Cloud Palace With a rhythmic beat that grows gradually in tempo, this fresh and modern track will work well for product demos and instructional videos to keep the focus on the visuals.  

“Choppin Chopin” by Double Grande It’s likely that your audience has heard a version of this classic hit before. Leverage familiarity and use traditional songs to elicit a sense of luxury, indulgence, and bold intensity. Recommended for business categories like fashion and real estate.

“Grace (Instrumental)” by Caity Copley An elegant yet powerful sound that’s great for suggesting professionalism, speed, and efficiency. Use it as a background song for corporate advertisements, or for business categories like energy, consulting, and transportation.  

“Fashion Whistle (Instrumental)” by Onenail This track has plenty of vibrant ebbs and flows to keep your viewers interested. Include it for projects that have heavier visuals such as slideshows or projects that use Animoto’s media layouts to display multiple images at once. Try it for creating videos for product catalogs, announcing new arrivals, or an employee recognition slideshow.

“High Five (Instrumental)” by Lola Rhodes A whimsical beat that will make people believe that what they want is within their reach. Use it with your marketing messages to evoke a feeling of simplicity, ease of use, and optimism.

Bonus! An honorable mention goes to...

"Fruits (Instrumental)" by Audio MG This rhythmic, sophisticated song will elevate your next vertical IG story video with its edgy beat and deliberate pacing. Try it out by customizing our Suggested Reading List template shown below.

Find music for your next IG Story video

Sign up for an Animoto Professional or Business account today to check out all 3,000+ licensed music tracks. Then, click on the Music tab from the top menu bar. You can search for each song name or artist using the bar at the top of the Music library. Or to explore on your own, simply browse and filter by the categories provided.


Pro tip: Save the songs from this list and any of your favorite tracks from Animoto’s music library by clicking on the heart next to each track. Doing so will make it easier to find the song across any video project you make.

What did you think of this list? Do you have a favorite track that you’ve used for marketing videos? Share it with our Facebook community.