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Your Year of Video Ideas

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There’s something special about the beginning of a new year that kickstarts our creativity, ambition, and confidence in our plans for the next 12 months ahead. This year, use that seasonal motivation to set yourself up for success by planning achievable goals early.

Your Year of Video Ideas

Start small with just two videos a month, creating 24 unique and professional pieces of content to share with your customers this year. As your calendar starts to fill up, you can stick with this minimal time commitment, or if you’re feeling like a pro you can make video a part of your weekly routine!

To make it even easier for you to jump back into your video creation at any point this year, we’ve rounded up the top templates in each category, all in one place. Craving even more inspiration? Choose from any of our templates, all easily customizable to fit any brand, occasion, or platform.

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About Us

Introduce Yourself

Start the year with an introduction–or reintroduction–with our simple Self Introduction template to let your customers, employees, coworkers, or followers know who you are and what your goals are for the year to come.

Follow up your intro with the story of your journey to success using our Personal Story template, then create a vertical version of your video at the push of a button to share on your social stories.

Introduce Your Business

Forming a personal connection with your customers establishes a higher level of credibility and trust. Let them know who’s on your team and what you’re all about with an About Us video.

Did the past year come with big changes for your company? Tell your customers how things have evolved over the years with the Business Story template.



Connect with your entire audience on every holiday this year with the easy-to-customize Holiday Greeting template, simply swap the colors and music to fit the spirit of each seasonal event.

For businesses looking to promote sales during the holiday gifting season, check out the Valentine’s Day Promo template to create quick and professional social media ads leading up to every major hallmark holiday.

Personal Moments

Celebrating with video isn’t limited to the holiday season, share personal moments from engagements to anniversaries and much more with our Personal Announcement template.

The people that matter most to you, both at work and at home, have one thing in common: everyone has a birthday. Celebrate the people that matter most with a Birthday Card they can keep forever.

Business Promo

Promote Your Service

You want customers to keep up with you all year long, but every industry has its peak season. Drive traffic to your website or digital storefront at the right moment for your business.

Try out our Online Fitness Promo template and our Virtual Real Estate Tour template for two stylized promos, both easily customizable to fit your industry and brand.

Promote your Product

Show off your unique line of products with our Collection Portfolio template.

Be sure to highlight your best selling and new products with the Bite Sized Product Intro template.

Making Connections

Connect at Work

Celebrate your wins at work all year long, both big and small, with our Weekly Newsletter template.

Then, wrap up each year with a simple Our Company’s Year video to recap notable achievements both internally and with your customers.

Connect in Life

After recapping your business’s year, create a video to celebrate your personal wins with the This Year’s Moments template.

For all of the moments this year when words don’t seem to do the trick, let your people know how you’re feeling using our Video Valentine template, just swap out the visuals and text to make a meaningful video any time of the year.

Sale Promo

Year-Round Promo

We know that your video marketing is a year-round priority. That’s why we created templates like the E-Commerce Product Promo to help you stay on top of your advertising game 24/7.

Announce new products any time of the year with this simple and short vertical New Product Promo template.

Seasonal Promo

It’s no secret that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are at the peak of the e-commerce shopping season, but they also follow some of the busiest times of the year for small business owners. That’s why we recommend tackling this packed weekend with the simplest one-block template, the Cyber Monday Promo.

For those of you feeling ambitious by the end of the year, create a more dynamic video with our Holiday Promotion template.

Social Media

Social Stories

The best part of creating video with Animoto: every template can be easily turned into a vertical video for your social media accounts. That said, we’ve also designed a handful of templates specifically for your Stories. Use the New Post Teaster template after every social post, so your followers can keep up with your content as soon as you share it.

Some of the most popular pieces of content on social media are how-to and tutorials videos. Use our Vertical Recipe Tutorial template and customize to your product or service to give your followers a look at what you have to offer.

Social Posts

Creating a consistent Feed on social media is crucial for small businesses to increase engagement with a local audience and beyond. Use our Content Teaser template to preview upcoming news and events.

Once you get the hang of things, use the Sneak Peek template to give an exclusive look leading up to a product launch.

Show Off Your Work

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