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16 Templates to Help Your Business During COVID-19

Moira West


The COVID-19 pandemic is completely altering the way we do business. State by state, country by country, businesses are in different phases and experiencing different challenges. But despite our differences, we have one important thing in common: the need to communicate with customers and followers online.

That's why we've created a series of templates designed for these unique circumstances. Whether you’re reopening, still in lockdown, or somewhere in between, we’ve got templates to help you share what’s happening with your businesses and make sure your customers stay informed. Check out all 16 of the templates listed below to find inspiration and ideas for your own video marketing.

Keep your customers in the loop

Ensuring your audience stays informed may be the most important thing you can do for your business right now. Here are some video templates designed to let customers know what to expect when they shop with you.

  • Reopening List: Make sure customers know everything you’re doing to keep them safe as you reopen your business.
  • Find Us Online: Give customers details explaining how they can shop with you online. Share your website, social media accounts, or other info that’ll guide shoppers where you want them to go.
  • Service Modification: Is your business going virtual? Explain how clients can still get the services they need online if in-person visits aren’t possible.
  • Restaurant Promo: Delivery and takeout are more important than ever. Keep your business on customers’ minds with an ad letting customers know you’re open for business and ready to take their order.

Share how customers can buy

Creating an ad for social media puts your name out there at a time when your audience is spending lots of extra time online. Here are a few ways to share your latest promotions and offerings.

  • Gift Card Promo: Gift cards let customers support your business, even if you’ve had to scale back on the services you offer. Though this video was written with Mother’s Day in mind, it’s easy to adapt to summer sales, back-to-school shopping, or as a general gift card promo.
  • Local Business Showcase: Promote several businesses at once and encourage customers to shop local.
  • Online Fitness Promo: With many gyms closed, online classes are a lifeline for clients looking to stay fit during lockdown. Get the word out about your online classes with a quick, high-energy ad.
  • Summer Sale: Entice customers with a visually appealing promo for your latest sale.

Announce online events

Whether it’s Zoom, Instagram Live, or Skype, many events have gone all digital. Remind your followers to tune in and make sure they have the details they need to attend with these templates.

  • Virtual Event Promo: Build excitement for your next online class with a bright, fun event announcement. Include the date and time, along with how followers can sign up.
  • Webinar Announcement: Catch viewers’ attention with an interesting statistic or problem. Show a preview and quickly cover how it’ll help your audience.
  • Daily Check-in: Connect with followers and invite them to your online event with a thoughtful video.
  • Daily Tips: Adapt the video above to make an Instagram Stories post with our iOS app template.

Build community with tips, tricks, and positivity

One of the best ways to build a following is by sharing information your target audience loves. Recipes, tips, hacks, or just mood-boosting quotes are all ways to make it so followers will want to check in with you regularly.

  • Top 5 Self-Care Tips: Show you’ve got your followers’ best interests at heart and promote engagement with a list of helpful tips. Adjust the copy to fit your industry and message.
  • Top 5 Tips for Working Remotely: Share advice to followers who are learning to work from home for the first time. This listicle format can be easily adapted to just about any other topic.
  • At-Home Workout: Help your followers keep up their fitness routines—and build your online audience—with a fast, easy-to-follow workout.
  • Positive Social Post: Add a little joy to followers’ feeds with an uplifting social post. You can even make it a regular post and add hashtags to increase your reach.

We’ll keep working to add content that’ll help you communicate with your customers. Meanwhile, check out our Facebook group, The Animoto Social Video Marketing Community to find more inspiration and ideas for your business. Already have an idea in mind? Hop right into Animoto to start your next video.