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10 Industries Seeing Success with Valentine’s Day Video Ads

Kari Livesay


Valentine’s Day is the fifth-largest spending event of the year in the U.S. Not only is it a time for consumers to show loved ones how much they care, it’s also a critical time for industries including jewelry, photography, tourism, and more to hit Q1 sales goals and start the year off strong.

With 93% of consumers sharing that video is helpful when making a decision to purchase a product, adding targeted video ads to your marketing strategy is a great way to make sure your videos are hitting their mark while helping your customers find their perfect match this Valentine’s Day.

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Valentine’s Day video ideas by industry

We’ve rounded up 10 of the industries that simply can’t miss out on Valentine’s Day advertising. Check out the specific video ideas you can create to encourage consumers to shop with you this year.

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1. Restaurants & bars

Encourage customers to let someone else do the cooking this year. Whether they’re partial to the experience of dining out or would prefer cuddling on the couch with some of their favorite takeout, you can use video to appeal to both parties.

Use our Restaurant Promo template to let customers know carryout is on the menu or motivate them to visit you in person by customizing the Local Business Showcase template.

Need some stock footage of a couple lounging in front of the TV, eating from Chinese takeout containers, or an image of a duo dining by candlelight? The Select stock library on our Professional plan features 1 million+ photos and videos from Getty Images, and the Premium library on our Professional Plus plan offers 100 million+ photos and video clips.

2. Spas & self-care

Remind your customers that they and their loved ones deserve a little pampering this Valentine’s Day. Whether it’s treating mom to a mani/pedi or getting a relaxing couple’s massage with a significant other, use video to get them spending.

Easily highlight your services with the Service Teaser template and explain the benefits of your treatments with the Wellness Explainer template.

3. Jewelry & boutiques

Aside from flowers and candy, jewelry is the ultimate Valentine’s Day staple. If you’re in the business of fine diamonds, fun costume jewelry, or anything in between, video is an excellent way to showcase your shimmering and shining goods.

Show off your newest and most desirable pieces with our New Collection template, or share your best deals and doorbuster sales with the Flash Sale or Online Sale templates. Keep in mind these templates also lend themselves to other handmade or boutique items, including handbags, shoes, and clothing.

4. Tourism

Entice customers by using video to appeal to their wanderlust. From exotic destinations and cozy mountain escapes to local staycations and landmarks, our Tell A Travel Story and Inspirational Travel Promo templates will inspire customers to give the gift of adventure this Valentine’s Day.

Bring your vacation videos on-brand by adding your own custom font, brand colors, and brand logo with a Saved Brand. Learn how easy it is to stay on-brand with our Professional Plus plan and upgrade today.

5. Floral

Valentine’s Day is the number one holiday for floral purchases. This means people will certainly be buying, but competition will be fierce, so creating eye-catching videos to stand out is a non-negotiable.

Use our Valentine’s Day Promo and Valentine’s Day Sale templates to help your arrangements shine on social media.

6. Realty & timeshares

What’s better than gifting someone a romantic vacation? Gifting them a romantic, annual vacation to one of their favorite places with a timeshare. Use video to display your most coveted locales with our Virtual Real Estate Tour template, or try our Real Estate Explainer template to share a high-level explanation of the timeshare and what goes into purchasing one.

7. Entertainment, comedy, & theatre

It’s the peak of winter, and your customers are beyond ready to get out of the house and hit the town. Give them something to get dressed up for! Use our Top 5 List to share must-see concerts, performances, and comedy specials, and boost ticket sales this season.

You can also let other people do the talking when it comes to getting folks excited to visit your venue by sharing rave reviews with our One-word Review template.

8. Activites

Video is a great way to remind customers that there’s no substitute for quality time spent with loved ones. Personalize our Inspirational Social Ad, and Promotional Special Offer templates with photos and video clips highlighting your most sought-after activities, like cooking classes or ice skating lessons, to promote Valentine’s Day spending.

9. Photography

Invite customers to gift a family photoshoot to a relative, friend, or partner, and use a digital album or an in-person sales slideshow to display your most heartwarming work.

Once customers have bought a photo package, you can encourage them to purchase prints and video from the photoshoot as well. With our Professional Plus plan, you can easily create videos within Animoto, then resell those videos to consumers.

10. Gift cards

The best thing about gift cards is that they span all industries.Gift cards are a popular and thoughtful gesture that almost any business model can support–and advertise.

Whether you’re appealing to the last-minute shopper, the sentimental shopper, or the straightforward shopper, our gift card templates can help you stop the scroll and make the sale.

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