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Creating Video Valentines for the 5 Love Languages

Madison Fraitag


Everyone expresses love differently, so it should come as no surprise that everyone celebrates Valentine’s Day differently. While video is always an easy, creative, and customizable way to share love on V-Day, video valentines aren’t one-size-fits-all.

To help you create a video that will have your special someone swooning, we’re breaking down how to create a video for each of the five love languages. The love languages–words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service, and physical touch–can be applied to both romantic and non-romantic relationships, making them a great starting point for anyone you love this Valentine’s Day.

Video ideas for each love language

Not sure what their love languages are, or curious about your own? Take this quick quiz with your best guesses as to how they’d answer, or take the quiz together as a fun pre-Valentine’s Day activity.

Once you know what their top love language or languages are, you’re ready to follow along and create your own custom video using one of our Valentine’s Day video templates.

Words of affirmation

Words are powerful, especially when telling someone how much you care. Create a personalized Video Valentine, and include all of the reasons you’re lucky to call your sweetheart yours.

At a loss for words? Check out our list of 30 quotes for Valentine’s Day.

Quality time

Sometimes the best gifts aren’t tied in ribbons and bows. Get your favorite person a gift you can enjoy together, and use our Gift Card Promo template to let them know how you’ll be spending your quality time together this Valentine’s Day.

Receiving gifts

Make gift-giving more fun with video this Valentine’s Day. Create a video scavenger hunt using our Valentine’s Day List template. You can lead your partner to several gifts throughout the day or make a reveal video for a gift that can’t be wrapped.

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Acts of service

Whether you’re preparing breakfast in bed, planning a relaxing weekend getaway, or simply taking care of their least favorite chores, use our Story of Your Product template to let them know how you’ll go the extra mile for them.

Personalize the images, video clips, and text, highlighting the thoughtful gestures you have up your sleeve.

Physical touch

From a couple’s massage with your partner to an afternoon of manicures and mimosas with your galentine, send them a video using our Service Teaser template letting them know how you’ll be showing your love through physical connection today.

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Make a personalized Valentine’s Day video

Looking for feedback on your Valentine’s Day videos from fellow creators? Check out the Animoto Social Video Marketing Community for advice, tips, and inspiration.

Happy video making!