Sue Bryce’s Most Inspiring CreativeLive Quotes

Moira West


There were a lot of motivational moments in our latest CreativeLive course “How to Boost Your Business with Animoto Videos,” but Sue Bryce’s inspirational wrap up offered special encouragement for those who needed a nudge toward video marketing. Here’s a recap of some of her most compelling ideas about video.

How to reach people

“I think there’s four E’s: emotion, entertainment, engagement, and education. If you’re touching on one of those four things, people are going to be interested in whatever you’ve got.”

Sue Bryce

“For me, emotion is definitely really, really strong. So I want to create something that moves people, that has my voice and my heart and soul in it. I love watching videos like that. I want to tell those stories. I want to tell stories of transformations and overcoming odds and seeing my own beautiful and discovering myself.”

Going behind the scenes

“I just designed my new gallery for my website and in my gallery, every second or third image I’ve included shows behind-the-scenes photographs of photo shoots, because I’ve actually realized that my clients and my public really love it and are really interested.”

“People just want to see behind the curtain, and they want to get to know you, and they want to see what you’re doing.”

Sue Bryce Quotes

No Excuses

“The biggest mistake people are making right now is just holding themselves back behind the computer, hiding behind their website, sitting at home on Facebook, saying it’s not working. And they’re not really putting themselves out there.”

“Sometimes we think if it’s not perfect we don’t want to do it. One of my original videos from 2009 is still on YouTube and it’s terrible. But it’s had tens of thousands of views, if not a hundred thousand views. And people are still watching it.”

Getting in front of the camera

“This was the best thing I ever did. I mean, putting myself as the face of my business.”

I thought nobody wanted to see me. I thought people just wanted to see was just the pretty clients and the pretty work. But I realized my clients, when they liked me, they would buy from me.”

Sue Bryce Quote

Using Animoto

“You can use [Animoto] to tell stories about your studio and pretty much anything that connects you or connects your heart…I mean, it’s unlimited the number of stories you can tell around your business.”

“This is about coming back to basics. If I had had Animoto 10 years ago, it would have changed my world.”

Sue Bryce Quote

And here’s one last piece of advice from Sue. She talked about how photographers shouldn’t think about all the marketing they have to do, but instead give themselves a task or two to do at a time. “You’re all trying to run a marathon. Just buy the shoes; go for a walk. Make one video.” Get started and make one video today.