Our Top 6 Songs for Senior Boy Photo Sessions

Moira West


Music is important to any photography video, but senior photographers know it’s especially important to their clients. Teens identify with music as part of who they are, and choosing the right song is important to connecting with them. But while there are lots of songs that work well for senior girls, it can be a little harder to find a good fit for senior boys.

We asked Sarah Petty Photography how they choose music when creating videos for their seniors. They shared that they try match the music to the senior’s tastes by playing different songs during the session. Then they select the video’s soundtrack based on the type of tunes the senior liked the best.

You can find songs in our music library based on genre. But just in case you’re not sure where to start, here are some of our favorite tunes for senior boy photography videos.

1. “Back Your Way In" by James Driscoll: This song has an epic, stadium feel that works well for shots of athletes in their team uniforms.

2. “Last Call” by Barrett Yeretsian: Need something with a bit of hip hop edge? Try this instrumental, which sounds like the sort of song a senior might want to play while driving his car.

3. “Believin’” by Corei Taylor: Sometimes a senior portrait session calls out for something more heartfelt. This song, with lyrics that say “I can do anything I set my mind to,” fits that need beautifully.

4. “Bottle Service” by Shotgun Radio: This tune has a fashion-photography feel to it, with electronic synth and a slower, cool sound. And it works great for seniors who have a strong sense of style.

5. “The Great Unknown” (Instrumental) by Darius Lux: This rock song builds as it goes, with a big finish. And it just begs for outdoor shoots in wide, open spaces with seniors looking off into the future.

6. “Just Getting Started” (Instrumental) by 3 Theory: Full of energy and excitement, this song has a fun, electronic hook that works for any kind of senior.

Once you have the sound for your video, it’s time to decide on its look. The Ignite style used in the video above is a good showcase for many kinds of images, including senior photography.

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